Anchorage Expressways:

Highway Description
AK 1 AK 1 is a freeway between Palmer and the northern edges of Anchorage. At Bragaw St., AK 1 transitions from a freeway to an expressway. AK 1 is an expressway from Bragaw St. to Mountain View Dr. AK 1 becomes a boulevard / city street couplet through downtown Anchorage, from Mountain View Dr. to 36th Ave. Then, it becomes a freeway from 36th Ave. to Old Seward Highway near the south end of the developed area of Anchorage. Finally, AK 1 is a super-2 expressway from the south end of the freeway to Potter Valley Road.
C Street C Street is an expressway Between 38th Avenue and Potter Dr. It is a Super-2 between Potter Dr. and Diamond Blvd. However, that portion is in the process of becoming a 4-lane highway. A discontiguous segment south of Diamond Blvd. is an expressway between Minnesota Dr. and then continues on as the Klatt Rd. expressway.
Airport Road Airport Rd. is an expressway between Laona Dr. and the Anchorage airport.
Klatt Road Klatt Rd. is an expressway between C Street and Where it becomes Southport Dr. (c. Diligence Street). This portion is mostly a Super-2.
Southport Drive Southport Dr.  is a super-2 expressway between where it becomes Klatt Rd. (near Diligence Street) and Enslgn Dr. It is a 4-lane divided expressway between Enslgn Dr. and 100th Avenue.


Fairbanks Expressways:
Despite its population of only 30,000 people, the city of Fairbanks has a beltway of expressways that nearly encircles the city. In addition to this loop, Fairbanks is also home to an expressway which extends east from the city along the Richardson Highway.

Highway Description
Johansen Expressway The Johansen Expressway runs along the north edge of Fairbanks, from the Steese Expressway west to University Avenue. West of that, there is a gap in the Fairbanks beltway for about 1 1/2 miles. This expressway is unique for two reasons: it contains both the only numbered exits in Alaska and the only SPUI interchanges in Alaska, located at Peger Rd. and College Rd.
AK 2 - Richardson Highway The Richardson Highway is an expressway from North Pole to Fairbanks.
AK 2 - Steese Expressway This expressway runs along the east side of Fairbanks, connecting to the Johansen Expressway at its northern end and the Mitchell Expressway at its southern end.
AK 3 - Mitchell Expressway The Mitchell Expressway is the southern part of the Fairbanks beltway.

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