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BC 19:
BC 19, on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, is an expressway on both the 21-km long Nanaimo Parkway and on much of the 128-km long Inland Island Highway. Separating the two segments is a non-expressway stretch between Lantzville and Parksville. 


Segment Length Opening Date Highway Type
Nanaimo Parkway (TCH-1 interchange south of Nanaimo to Lantzville) 21 km May 31, 1997 Expressway

Break in limited access route between Latzville and Parksville

South side of Parksville northward 27 km October 5, 1996 Freeway
Continuation northward to Mud Bay 18 km October 5, 1996 Expressway
Mud Bay to Courtenay 32 km September 25, 1999 Freeway
Courtenay to Campbell River Bypass 43 km September 8, 2001 Expressway
Campbell River Bypass 8 km September 24, 1997 Expressway


J. B. Benson, Christian Stocker

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