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Jamboree Road:

Jamboree Road is nearly a full freeway (60 MPH, divided, etc.) from Barranca Parkway in Irvine to just south of I-5.  There are onramps/offramps at Walnut Avenue, Edinger Avenue and Warner Avenue, and an interchange with CA-261 (toll).


La Brea Ave:

This road is an expressway through the Baldwin Hills between
Coliseum Street and Slauson Ave.  


La Cienega Blvd:

The section near the Baldwin Hills between Rodeo Rd and Fairview Ave is grade separated, except for the intersection at Stocker Street, where there is a channelized intersection that stops northbound traffic at a traffic light.


LAX Expressway:
This expressway is planned to provide access to Los Angeles International Airport and relieve congestion on Century Blvd. It will go from I-405 to the new West Terminal of the airport and will be funded completely by the airport. 


Van Buren Blvd:

Van Buren Blvd starts in Mira Loma, CA at Etiwanda Avenue. It is 4 lanes and has a 60 mph speed limit. All  driveways with the exception of a gas station are channelled onto side streets. It only meets side streets at traffic lights, and even has one interchange at Limonite Ave. in Pedley. There were only two intersections it meets without traffic lights, but one was just converted into a RIRO in 2003. The other is supposed to be given a light soon. The Expressway segment ends when it cross the Santa Ana River into the city of Riverside, and becomes a 6 lane city street.


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