California (Santa Clara Area)...


Information about improvements to the Santa Clara expressways can be found at this website:

Almaden Expressway:

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
CA 87 Freeway signals at the ramps from the freeway
Curtner Ave interchange
Ironwood Dr signal
Lincoln Ave left exit
Koch Ln signal
Foxworthy Ave signal
Hillsdale Ave interchange
Branham Ln signal
Cherry Ave signal
CA 85 Freeway signals at the ramps from the freeway. A Caltrans Study Report / Project Development Study is underway to see if the interchange should be reconfigured. The desired interchange would be a partial cloverleaf.
Blossom Hill Rd signal
Via Monte Rd signal
Coleman Rd signal
McAbee Rd signal
Redmond Ave signal
Camden Ave signal
Trinidad Dr signal
Bajkovich Way / Via Valiente signal
Alamedan Rd - O’Grady Rd signal
Harry Rd signal


Central Expressway:
The Central Expressway only has 4 lanes, except for extra HOV "queue jumper lanes" at some intersections. 

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
San Antonio Rd interchange
Mayfield Ave signal
North Rengstoroff Ave signal. Interchange planned
Farley St signal
North Shoreline Blvd two signals
Moffett Blvd / Castro St signal
CA 85 Freeway signals at the CA 85 ramps
North Whisman Rd signal
Ferguson Dr signal
North Bernardo Ave signal
East Middlefield Rd interchange
North Mary Ave signal. Interchange planned
North Mathilda Ave interchange
North Wolfe Rd interchange
Lawrence Expressway interchange
Corvin Dr / Oakmead Pkwy signal
Bowers Ave signal. Interchange planned
San Tomas Expressway interchange
Scott Blvd signal
Fiberglass Dr signal
Lafayette St signal
De La Cruz Blvd signal


Capitol Expressway:

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
I-680 interchange
South Capitol Avenue, Story Road, Ocala Avenue, Cunningham Avenue, Tully Road, Eastridge Loop, Quimby Road, Nieman Boulevard, and Arbon Road Traffic lights
Silver Creek Road Traffic light; Interchange proposed
US 101 interchange; Freeway/expressway direct connector HOV ramps are proposed
McLaughlin Avenue, Senter Road, and Seven Trees Boulevard Traffic lights
Monterey Highway interchange
Snell Avenue, Vistapark Drive, Copperfield Drive / Bluefield Drive, and Narvaez Avenue Traffic lights
CA 87 interchange


Foothill Expressway:

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Oregon Page Mill Expressway, Hillview Ave, Arastradero Rd, W. Edith Ave, Burke Rd, S. San Antonio Rd, S. El Monte Ave, Magdalena Ave / S. Springer Rd Traffic lights
Loyola Corners / A St Diamond Interchange
St. Joseph Ave / Grant Rd, Arboretum Dr, Vineyard Dr / Homestead Rd Traffic lights
I-280 Folded diamond interchange; 2 traffic lights on the Foothill Expressway


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