CA 7:

CA 7 is an expressway for its entire length. When completed, it will run from the Mexico border to I-8, in the area east of Calexico.

History and Construction Schedule:

Date Activity
1990 CA 7 expressway proposed
March 1996 CA 7 from the border to CA 98 opened
March 2004 Construction began on the segment between CA 98 and I-8
Summer 2005 Estimated completion for the segment between CA 98 and I-8
In the future An expressway is proposed continuing north from the I-8 interchange to CA 78. Current plans call for this highway to be numbered as CA 115, but it is possible that the highway will be renumbered to CA 7. This expressway is planned for completion by 2020.


Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access

CA 7 is still under construction from I-8 to CA 98

I-8 Interchange
McCabe Rd At-grade
Heber Rd At-grade

Here begins the section of CA 7 that is currently open to traffic.

CA 98 At-grade
Carr Rd At-grade

END EXPRESSWAY - At the Calexico Port of Entry




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