FL 414:

Detailed Description:

FL 414 is an expressway in Orlando area that links US 441 and US 17/92. FL 414 is planned to be extended west of US 441 as a toll road (The "Apopka Bypass"). The extension will not be completed until 2008.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
US 441 (FL 500) At-grade
Rose Ave / Bear Lake Rd At-grade
Magnolia Homes Rd At-grade
FL 434 (Forest City Rd) SPUI Interchange (SR 414 is on the overpass)
Keller Rd At-grade
Lake Destiny Rd At-grade
Interstate 4 Interchange with traffic lights on SR 414
CR 427 (Maitland Ave) At-grade
US 17/92 (FL 15/600) Interchange (Eastern Terminus)


FL 687:

FL 687 near St. Petersburg is an expressway between I-275 and 116th Ave N. It is then a boulevard between 116th Ave N and the large junction where it meets US 92 (secret FL 600), FL 694, and FL 686.


FL 694:

Fl 694 (Gandy Blvd) is an expressway between US 19 and US 92 with the exception of two driveways near US 19.

Junction log (West to East):


Junction Type of Access
US 19 SPUI, Fl 694 is the through route
Oleander Dr/Roberts Ln At grade
Grand Ave Traffic Signal
I-275 (secret FL 93)

3/4 interchange with one traffic signal on Fl 694 for  I-275 north to Fl 694 west. A 2 lane flyover carries traffic from Fl 694 east to I-275 north.

Frontage Rd At grade
9th St Traffic Signal
Fl 686, Fl 687, US 92 (secret Fl 600) 5 way intersection, 2 signals at close proximity



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