US 19:


Segment Type of Highway
North Carolina State Line to GA 60 2-lane Road
GA 60 to GA 369 4-lane Arterial
GA 369 to I-285 north of Atlanta Freeway
Along the I-285 Multiplex Freeway
I-285 to GA 237 5-lane Boulevard
GA 237 to GA 141 4-lane Boulevard
GA 141 to I-85 6-lane Boulevard
I-85 to Fourteenth Street City Street Couplet
Along Fourteenth Street to US 41 4-lane Boulevard
North end of the US 41 multiplex to just south of I-20 6-lane Boulevard
Just south of I-20 to just south of I-85 4-lane Boulevard
Just south of I-85 to I-75 City Street
I-75 to I-285 3-lane Boulevard
I-285 to I-75 5-lane Boulevard
I-75 to Mt. Zion Road 8-lane Boulevard
Mt. Zion Road to GA 54 6-lane Boulevard
GA 54 to Hampton 4-lane Boulevard
Hampton to Business US 19 north of Griffin 4-lane Arterial
Griffin Bypass (Business US 19 to GA 362) 4-lane Freeway
GA 362 to US 41 4-lane Arterial
US 41 to Zebulon 5-lane Arterial
Through Zebulon City Street Couplet
Zebulon to Thomaston 5-lane Arterial
Through North Thomaston 4-5-lane Boulevard
Through Thomaston City Street Couplet
Thomaston to South Thomaston 5-lane Boulevard
South Thomaston Bypass 4-lane Expressway
South Thomaston to Butler 4-lane Arterial
Through Butler City Street Couplet
Butler to Americus 2-lane Road
Through Americus 4-5-lane Boulevard
Americus to 7 miles north of Leesburg 2-lane Road
7 miles north of Leesburg to Leesburg 4-lane Arterial
Leesburg Bypass (signed as Bypass US 19) 4-lane Expressway
Leesburg to US 82 5-lane Boulevard
Along the US 82 multiplex (Albany Bypass) 4-lane Freeway
US 82 in Albany to the Florida State Line 4-lane Arterial


The Leesburg Bypass was completed in 1997.

Junction Log - South Thomaston Bypass:

Milepost Junction Type of Access

BEGIN EXPRESSWAY - Transition from Boulevard to Expressway

0 South Church St (Old US 19) No signal
0.25 Cook Rd No signal
1.125 Hunt Rd No signal

South Church St (Old US 19)

No signal

END EXPRESSWAY - Transition from Expressway to Arterial

Junction Log - Leesburg Bypass:

Milepost Junction Type of Access

BEGIN EXPRESSWAY at a T-intersection - US 19 southbound turns right, while US 19 northbound turns left

0 US 19 Business No signal
0.125 Jordan Road No signal
0.825 Farm Access Road No signal, no median break
1.0 Frontage Road No signal
1.25 Linden Road No signal
1.5 GA 32 No signal
1.75 Shopping Center Access No signal
1.825 US 19 Business Traffic Signal

END EXPRESSWAY at the 4-way traffic light - US 19 southbound turns right, while US 19 northbound turns left


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