US 20:
US 20 is an expressway with a mix of interchanges and at-grades between Idaho and St. Anthony. This may become I-115 in the future if upgraded to interstate standards.

US 95:

There are two current expressway segments of US 95, with more proposed for the future:

There is an expressway heading north from Lewiston that goes as far as the US 195 junction. Work is underway to widen US 95 between the US 195 interchange and Thorncreek Road to 4 lanes divided. Planning is underway to continue the widening to Moscow.

Moscow area: A ring road is proposed to be built around the entire city - It is uncertain whether this new road will be a freeway or expressway. US 95 will follow part of this new road as a Moscow bypass.
A freeway / expressway is proposed between Moscow and Coeur d'Alene.
US 95 may be built as a 7-lane boulevard for a short distance south of I-90.
There is already an expressway north of Coeur d’Alene, running from I-90 to ID 53. This may be upgraded to a freeway in the future.
The expressway currently ending at ID 53 is proposed to be extended north to Sandpoint. The route from Coeur d'Alene to Sandpoint is currently proposed to be built as a full freeway.
Continuing through Sandpoint, upgrades to part of the US 95 multiplex with US 2 are under construction. The Sand Creek Byway will be initially constructed as a super 2 freeway, but ultimately become a 4 lane freeway when complete. Construction has begun on the Byway.


Junction Log - Future Sand Creek Byway:

Junction Type of Access
BR US 95/to US 2 west 2Y south
US 2 West/ID 200/Hope Extended trumpet; US 2 east merges with US 95 north

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