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IL 3:


Segment Type of Highway Approximate Length
US 51 at Cairo to 1 mile north of I-57 4-lane Expressway 2 miles
1 mile north of I-57 to Thebes 2-lane Highway 21 miles
Thebes / Gale Bypass 2-lane Expressway 2 miles
Gale to Chester 2-lane Highway 60 miles
Through Chester City Street 1 mile
Chester to Red Bud 2-lane Highway 25 miles
Through Red Bud City Street 1.5 miles
Red Bud to north of Waterloo 2-lane Highway 14.5 miles
North of Waterloo to I-255 4-lane Expressway 9 miles
I-255 to just north of I-255 4-lane Expressway 1 mile
Just north of I-255 to downtown Cahokia 2-lane Expressway 2 miles
Through Cahokia and East St. Louis City Street 3 miles
Along the multiplex with I-55/I-70/I-64 6-10-lane Freeway 2 miles
I-55/I-70/I-64 to the McKinley Bridge in Venice 2-lane Highway 3 miles
Venice to just south of the junction with US 67 in Alton 4-lane Expressway 21.5 miles
Just south of US 67 to US 67 4-lane Boulevard 0.5 miles
US 67 to IL 100 at Grafton 2-lane Highway 15.5 miles


US 12:
US 12 is an expressway between Fox Lake and Lake Zurich. There is a break in the expressway near IL 60, where US 12 is an urban arterial with lots of private access for a short time.


US 20:
US 20 is an expressway between the Rockford and Freeport Bypasses.


US 51:
US 51 is an planned to be an expressway from Bloomington to I-64 south of Centralia, except for the Decatur Bypass, which is a freeway. Rick Powell describes the completed segment between Bloomington and Forsyth:

There is a grass median and at-grade intersections for nearly the whole distance. At all cross roads and even farm field entrances, Left Turn bays have been provided to promote safer access. However, at US 136 at Heyworth, US 51 has a diamond interchange and no other accesses for several thousand feet north & south of US 136.

The other completed segments are:

  • Forsyth to I-72 - US 51 is a four-lane boulevard through Forsyth, but it is congested because of several traffic lights and a nearby mall. There are long-range plans to eventually build a freeway bypass to the west of this stretch, and ghost ramps on I-72 to prove it.

  • I-72 to south of Moweaqua (near the Christian / Shelby county line) - Complete (Date?)

  • South of Moweaqua to Pana - Currently in the planning and ROW purchasing stages

  • Pana to Centralia - Proposed

  • Centralia to I-64 - Complete. This section is nearly a full freeway. There are only a couple of at-grades.


The Clinton Bypass was built in the late 1980ís and early 1990ís.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
just south of I-74 Several traffic lights
US 136 diamond
in Clinton, including IL 10 and IL 54 Several traffic lights
in Forsyth Several traffic lights


US 67:
US 67 is a 65-mph expressway from Macomb to Monmouth.  US 67 is also being built as an expressway from I-72 at Jacksonville to an extended IL 255 freeway at Godfrey. The segment from Roodhouse to Jerseyville is not funded yet.


The Roseville Bypass opened in 2003.


IL 336:
IL 336 currently is the expressway-grade northern extension of I-172. In the future, it will be part of the Galesburg to Quincey expressway along with US 136 and US 67.


Construction has gradually moved northward. In 2003, the segment near Bentley was completed.



Wisconsin DOT map, Rick Powell, Craig Holl, Larry, Rich Carlson

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