Iowa has lots of old and new expressways. The first ones were built in the 50ís, and construction is going on very quickly today. These expressways are 4-lane highways with either no driveways or driveways spaced at a minimum of 1000 feet. They have many interchanges and few traffic lights. The interchanges are numbered, which is pretty unique for expressways. For routes that donít have enough traffic for 4-lane highways, Iowa is planning to build super-2 expressways. None exist yet, but the first, an IA 2 bypass of Sidney, is slated for completion in 2005. In another cost-saving effort, Iowa uses gravel shoulders on its expressways. There is just gravel for the left shoulder. On the right, there is a small (about 2 feet) paved shoulder and then gravel for the right.




The Highways:

IA 1 to US 30

US 6

US 34 to US 75

IA 122 to US 218





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