Airport Access Road:

The Airport Access Road to Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner is an expressway. It used to be 4-lane undivided, but a median was installed recently.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
I-10 y-interchange. Traffic leaving the airport goes onto I-10 east and only traffic going west on I-10 can enter the Airport Access Road
Veterans Blvd half diamond on the south. Traffic from Veterans Blvd can go towards the airport and traffic leaving the airport can exit onto Veterans Blvd.
Airline Dr Connector traffic light
Airport Circular Road (near the terminal) traffic light


Causeway Blvd:

Causeway Blvd, the southern approach to the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, is an expressway from its southern terminus at US 90 (Jefferson Highway) to just north of Veterans Blvd. Between there and the causeway, it is an at-grade arterial. Frontage roads exist from Jefferson Highway north for a few blocks, and between Metairie Road and just south of West Napoleon.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
US 90 / Jefferson Highway traffic light with a flyover from US 90 east to Causeway Blvd north
US 61 rotary with flyover
Metairie Rd half diamond interchange on north side (entrance to Causeway Blvd north and exit from Causeway Blvd south)
West Metairie Ave traffic light
West Napoleon Ave traffic light
There are several driveways between West Napoleon Ave and 36th St / Galleria Dr
36th St / Galleria Dr traffic light
I-10 cloverleaf
Veterans Blvd overpass with ramps


North Causeway Approach:

The North Causeway Approach connects the north end of the Lake Ponchetrarain Causeway to I-10. It is a freeway at both the north and south end, but there is an expressway segment in the middle, from Florida Ave to US 190.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Florida Ave traffic light
Brookside Drive traffic light
US 190 diamond


LA 1:

LA 1 is an expressway from LA 986 (Rosedale Dr) in Port Allen to Plaquemine. South of that, it is a normal 4-lane road.


US 71:

US 71, MacArthur Dr, is an expressway thru downtown Alexandria from just south of I-49 Exit 86 to just north of I-49 exit 80.


US 90:

Parts of US 90 are expressway from Lafayette to New Orleans. There are plans to upgrade this to a southern extension of I-49. Click here for an unofficial website covering the extension.


US 165:

US 165, Martin Luther King Dr, is an expressway in downtown Monroe from US 80 to LA 15. This extends a short ways north and south from the I-20 interchange.




US 190:

US 190 (Florida Blvd.) is an expressway in the eastern part of the Baton Rouge area, from the interchange with US 61/Airline Hwy. to just past JCT LA 426 (Old Hammond Hwy.) There are continuous frontage roads along the length.



Justin Priola, Louisiana 2002 Official Highway Map


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