US 1:


North of Boston, US 1 is a Jersey Freeway (interchanges, no at-grades, but there are businesses), from MA 60, the northern end of the freeway segment, to I-95 / MA 128.


MA 2:



Segment Type of Highway Approximate Length View Pictures
New York border to Shelburne Falls Country Road 29 miles View Pictures (Steve Alpert)

View Pictures (Gribblenation)

Shelburne Falls to I-90 2-lane Arterial 11 miles  
Along the I-91 multiplex 4-lane Freeway 3 miles  
Greenfield Bypass (I-91 to MA 2A at Riverside) 2-4 lane Freeway 2 miles View Pictures (Gribblenation)
Through Riverside Town Road 1 mile  
Riverside to Millers Falls 2-lane Arterial 2 miles View Pictures (MassRoads)

View Pictures (Gribblenation)

Through Millers Falls Town Road 1 mile View Pictures (MassRoads)
Millers Falls to Farley 2-lane Freeway 2 miles  
Farley to Wendell Depot Country Road 6 miles  
MA 2A at Wendell Depot to US 202 east of Athol 2-lane Freeway 14 miles View Pictures (Steve Alpert)

View Pictures (Gribblenation)

US 202 to MA 31 near Fitchburg 4-lane Freeway 16 miles View Pictures (Steve Alpert)

View Pictures (Gribblenation)

MA 31 near Fitchburg to MA 13 near Leominster 4-lane Expressway (there are some T-intersections with no median breaks and a gas station on the highway) 5 miles View Pictures (MassRoads)
MA 13 near Leominster to MA 27 at Acton 4-lane Freeway 14 miles View Pictures (MassRoads)
MA 27 at Acton to MA 2A at the Concord Rotary 4-lane Expressway (there are some T-intersections with no median breaks and one traffic light) 2 miles View Pictures (MassRoads)
Concord Rotary to MA 128 / I-95 4-lane Arterial 7 miles View Pictures (MassRoads)
MA 128 / I-95 to MA 4 6-lane Freeway 3 miles View Pictures (Steve Alpert)

View Pictures (Gribblenation)

MA 4 to Lake Street 8-lane Freeway 3 miles View Pictures (MassRoads)

View Pictures (Steve Alpert)

View Pictures (Gribblenation)

Lake Street to US 3 6-lane Jersey Freeway 1 mile  

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MA 3 - Memorial Dr:
MA 3 is an expressway, varying in configuration between 4-lane divided to 4-lane undivided, along the north shore of the Charles River in Cambridge. Most of the route is within the MIT campus. There are some substandard features along the highway such as on-street parking and unsignalized pedestrian crossings. However, the only driveway is the MIT president’s house and nearly all of the at-grades, only three of which are signalized, have left-turn restrictions.


US 6:
The Provincetown Bypass is an expressway.


MA 28:
In downtown Boston, Embankment Rd, more commonly known as Storrow Drive although its official name is “David G. Mugar Way,” has some at-grades at side streets, but only for eastbound traffic.


US 44:
US 44 is a Super-2 expressway with only a few intersections between I-495 at Middleboro and MA 3 at Plymouth.


MA 49:
MA 49 is a Super-2 expressway between US 20 and MA 9.


MA 85 Connector - Hudson Connector:
This short expressway is a super-2 eastern extension of I-290 that connects the town of Hudson to I-290 and I-495. Although the MassHighway inventory calls it MA 85 Connector, the route number is not posted.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
I-495 / I-290 interchange
Fitchburg St traffic light
MA 85 at-grade



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