Mississippi builds its expressways to a high standard. There are very few traffic lights and many town bypasses where the driver doesn't even notice that there's a town nearby. There is a master plan for expressways called Vision 21, passed on April 15, 2002. This replaces the old expressway program, the 1987 4-lane Highway Program. Mississippi is recognized for having some of the best roads in the country. There are three types of access control in the state:

  • Type I controlled access: freeway (full control of access; access at interchanges only).

  • Type II controlled access: expressway with at-grade intersections and interchanges; no driveway permits.

  • Type III controlled access: expressway with driveway permits

Today, Mississippi builds nearly all new alignment expressways as Type I or Type II, and designates twinned highways as Type III expressways.




The Highways:


MS 1 to MS 43

US 45 to MS 57

US 61 to US 82

US 84 to US 278

MS 302 to MS 854

Un-numbered Expressways





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