Route D:
This expressway in St. Louis County runs from east of I-270 to US 67. There are at least two traffic lights along the highway.


Route M:
According to the I-55 corridor study book in MODOT's traffic information center, Route M was supposed to have been built as a freeway. Instead, it was built as an expressway. Today, the expressway in Jefferson county runs between I-55 and MO 21 / Route MM.


Junction Type of Access Speed Limit
I-55 Traffic lights at the ramps. The interchange with 55 may have at least one flyover when it gets rebuilt (eventually). 45
Catlan Road Traffic light 45
Moss Hollow Road At-grade with no turn lanes (cross road has a stop sign) 60
St. Lukes Church Rd ("private road" according to signs on the highway) At-grade with no turn lanes (cross road has a stop sign) 60
Old Lemay Ferry One-quadrant interchange* 60
Old Route M One-quadrant interchange* 60
Old Route 21 Folded diamond interchange 60
MO 21 / Rte MM Intersection road in diamond (probably future cloverleaf) 45

*David Herman explains one-quadrant interchanges: Old Lemay Ferry and Old Route M are designed as "one quadrant interchanges" according to a definition of this interchange type from MODOT.  This configuration is sort of a cross between a full interchange and an at grade intersection; through movements are grade separated (by a very large height difference at Old Lemay Ferry) but there is a T intersection on both of the routes where the two way ramp ends.  There is a stop sign at each end of the two way ramp.  This style of interchange is similar to those seen on the Blue Ridge and Natchez Trace Parkways.


MO 1:


Segment Type of Highway
MO 210 to I-35 City Street
I-35 to 72nd St in Gladstone 4-lane Boulevard
72nd St to MO 152 4-lane Expressway


MO 13: (on its own page - click here)


MO 30:
MO 30 is an expressway southwest of St. Louis that runs from just west of I-270 to Route B. There are numerous traffic lights along this highway, which forms the center of a large corridor of urban sprawl. The speed limit is 60 mph.

Junction Log:
There is an interchange at MO 141. There were supposed to be two additional interchanges along the expressway, but both of them have been cancelled. One was to have been located in the valley between the Meramec River and I-270. The other, according to a 1978 St. Louis County road plan, was to have been built at the junction of Hawkings Summit, a short distance west of MO 141.


US 36: (on its own page - click here)

US 50:


Segment Type of Highway
Kansas border to Ranson Rd / Route RA in Lees Summit Freeway
Lees Summit to Warrensburg 4-lane Arterial
Warrensburg Bypass 4-lane Freeway
Warrensburg to La Monte 4-lane Arterial
La Monte to Sedalia 4-lane Expressway
Through Sedalia City Street
Sedalia to 3 miles east of Sedalia 2-lane Highway
3 miles east of Sedalia to 2.5 miles west of Syracuse 2-lane Expressway
2.5 miles west of Syracuse to St. Martins 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in Syracuse, Tipton, California, and Centertown
St. Martins to US 54 in Jefferson City 4-lane Freeway
Through Jefferson City (US 54 to Jackson St) 4-lane Expressway
Through Jefferson City (Jackson St to Eastland Dr) 4-lane Freeway
Jefferson City to US 63 South 4-lane Expressway
US 63 South to Mount Sterling 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in Loose Creek and Linn
Mount Sterling Bypass 2-lane Expressway
Mount Sterling to Union 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in Rosebud, Gerald, Leslie, and Union
Union to I-44 2-lane Expressway
I-44 to Missouri Freeway


US 54:


Segment Type of Highway
Kansas border to Deerfield 2-lane Highway
Deerfield Bypass 2-lane Expressway
Deerfield to MO 43 2-lane Highway
MO 43 to Nevada 4-lane Arterial
Through Nevada City Street
Nevada to Camdenton 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in El Dorado Springs, Weaubleau, Wheatland, Hermitage, and Preston
Through Camdenton 4-lane Boulevard
Camdenton to Osage Beach 4-lane Arterial
Through Osage Beach 5-lane Boulevard
Osage Beach to Jefferson City 4-lane Expressway
Jefferson City to New Bloomfield 4-lane Freeway
New Bloomfield to Auxvasse 4-lane Expressway
Auxvasse to Mexico 4-lane Arterial
Mexico Bypass 2-lane Freeway
Mexico to Bowling Green 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in Laddonia, Vandalia, and Curryville
Bowling Green Bypass 2-lane Expressway
Bowling Green to the Illinois border 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in Louisiana


US 60:


Segment Type of Highway
Oklahoma border to Westview 2-lane Highway
Westview to Neosho (CR Y / CR CC in Westview to Owl Rd. in Neosho) 2-lane Expressway
Neosho to MO 39 in Aurora 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in Granby
Eastern Aurora Bypass 2-lane Expressway
Aurora to Republic 2-lane Highway, going through the center of town in Marionville, Billings, and Republic
Republic to Springfield 4-lane Boulevard
Springfield Bypass 4-lane Freeway
Springfield to Rogersville 4-lane Arterial
Rogersville Bypass 4-lane Expressway
Rogersville to Fordland 4-lane Arterial
Fordland Bypass 4-lane Expressway
Fordland to Diggins (near CR A) 4-lane Arterial
Diggins (near CR A) to Mountain Grove 4-lane Expressway
Mountain Grove Bypass 4-lane Freeway
Mountain rove to Cabool 4-lane Expressway
Cabool Bypass 4-lane Freeway
Cabool to Willow Springs 4-lane Arterial
Willow Springs to Birch Tree 2-lane Highway
Birch Tree to Winona 2-lane Expressway
Winona to  


US 71:
US 71 has a mix of freeway and expressway segments between Kansas City and Joplin. South of Joplin, US 71 is a fully-controlled access freeway from I-44 at Joplin to south of Anderson. This freeway segment is future I-49.

From Anderson to the AR State Line, existing US 71 is under construction to become a partially controlled access expressway with at grade intersections, traffic signals, and low curb median. From the Arkansas State Line to near Brush Creek (a distance of approximately 5 miles), US 71 is finished with its upgrade. It is now 4 lanes partially-controlled access, with left-turn lanes at some intersections and traffic signals at Bear Hollow Rd, Route OO, Gordon Hollow Road and Mo Route 90. NB and SB lanes are separated by curbing &/or Jersey barriers. The only two-lane portion left is approximately 4 miles around Pineville with a scheduled completion of 2007. Future I-49 will not follow the US 71 expressway through Pineville, but instead will swing to the west as a new-alignment toll road when it is eventually built.


MO 141:
MO 141 is an expressway from just north of I-64 / US 40 to south of I-44. Further north, the Earth City Expressway and Maryland Heights Expressway, which together run from MO 364 to St. Charles Rock Rd, are part of a future northern extension of the MO 141 expressway.


MO 367:
The MO 367 expressway goes from I-270 north of St. Louis north to US 67. This is planned to be upgraded to a freeway.


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