A-19 / R-335:

(Papineau Avenue / Des Laurentides Boulevard)

A-19 is a 6-lane divided expressway north from A-40 up to Henri-Bourassa Boulevard in Montreal and a Super-4 expressway in Laval and Bois-des-Fillions The speed limit is 50 km/h. 

Junction Log:

Km Marker Junction Type of Access Type of Highway
0 Métropolitaine Expressway (A-40) Roundabout Interchange Expressway
1 Émile-Journault Street Traffic light Expressway
1.9 de Louvain Street Traffic light Expressway
2 Charland Ave At-grade Expressway
2.1 CN Railroad Overpass Expressway
2.3 Sauvé St. Traffic light Expressway
Expressway becomes urban boulevard (but still numbered as an autoroute...)
2.6 Sauriol St. At-grade Boulevard
2.9 Fleury St. Traffic light Boulevard
3.1 Prieur St. Traffic light Boulevard
3.4 Henri-Bourassa Blvd Interchange with Henri-Bourassa Blvd as the through route; traffic lights on A-19 Boulevard


Speed limit changes to Max 100 km/h Min 60 km/h

Papineau-Leblanc Bridge

Exit Number

Entering Laval

4 Lévesque Blvd. Half Inner Cloverleaf Interchange Freeway
5 de la Concorde Blvd. Diamond Interchange Freeway
8A Saint-Matin Blvd (R-148) Partial Cloverleaf Interchange Freeway
8B Autoroute Laval (A-440) Cloverleaf Interchange Freeway



Km Marker

Speed limit changes to 70 km/h

10 Dagenais Blvd. Traffic light Expressway

Expressway Divides

14 St. Saëns Street Traffic light Expressway

Divided Highway Ends

Expressway Divides

15 Des Milles-Îles Boulevard Traffic light Expressway
15.5 Brissette Terr. At-grade Expressway

Speed limit changes to 50 km/h

16 Adolphe-Chapleau Road (R-344) Traffic light Expressway
17 A-640 Cloverleaf Interchange Expressway

Expressway collapses

Speed limit changes to 70 km/h

18 Industriel Blvd. Traffic light Expressway
20 St-François Line Traffic light Expressway
23 Northern Terminus / Montrée Gagnon Road At-grade Expressway



A-640 (Notre-Dame-des-Champs Boulevard):
A-640 is an expressway, east of A-40, up to R-138. The speed limit is 90 km/h. As an interesting side note, it is possible to walk or bicycle along this expressway, even though it is designated as an autoroute.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Exit 52 : Autoroute Félix-Leclerc / A-40 Cloverleaf Interchange


Émile-des-pins Street (R-344 West/Multiplex begins) Traffic light
Speed limit changes to 70 km/h
Driveway to Travelodge Hotel/Grenier Street At-grade

CN bridge

Notre-Dame Street (R-344 East/Multiplex ends) Traffic light

Speed limit changes to 50 km/h

Divided Highway Ends (Expressway becomes Super-4)

Vaudry Island St./Trésors-de-l'Île Street Traffic light
L'Assomption Blvd./Archambault Street Traffic light

EXPRESSWAY BECOMES LOCAL BOULEVARD (still numbered as an autoroute!!!)

Léonie Terrace At-grade
Léonie Terrace At-grade
Le Gardeur Place At-grade
Notre-Dame service road At-grade
Notre-Dame Street / R-138 Traffic light



Camilien-Houde Way / Rememberence Drive:
This Montreal road is a parkway that crosses “The Mountain” (Designation of the Mount Royal by Montreal Locales). The posted speed limit is 50 km/h (31.25 mph) because of the many sharp curves and hills. Mount Royal Parkway is a good link from Westmount to eastern Montreal boroughs.

Junction Log (Rememberance Drive):
At its western end, the road ends with a “Garlic Interchange”. On westbound, there are a few cemetery entrances. At km 1, there is an exit to access the Beaver Lake Parking Lot. At km 2, there is a roundabout to access the main parking of the Mount Royal Park.

Junction Log (Camilien-Houde Way):
Then, the divided highway ends, and sharp curves and steep hills begin. Many falling rocks signs are posted. There is an exit at km 3 to access the Camilien-Houde lookout. The road ends a kilometre further, where it meets Mont-Royal Ave, Park Ave and Sainte-Catherine Hill Road in a complex intersection.



Souligny Avenue Expressway:
The Souligny Avenue Expressway, in the Montreal area, has been built in the old corridor that would have been used to accept A-20 when it would have used the actual A-720 (Ville-Marie Expressway) roadway, then would have bifurcated to connect with A-25. This project is still on the table but environmental groups are blocking the construction. When you access the Souligny Avenue Expressway from A-25, the BGS signs says “Centre-ville” (downtown) because of the tabled project that would link it with A-720.

Eastern End: Honoré-Beaugrand Street (Montréal,Tétreauville Area) (km 0)

Western End: Dickson Street(Montréal,Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Borough) (km 3)

The Souligny Avenue Expressway has been built from the partnership of MTQ (Québec DOT) and Montreal City in 1999.



Notre-Dame Street / Ville-Marie Expressway (to be linked with Souligny Avenue Exwy):
This expressway is the most congested artery in Montreal. MTQ (Québec DOT) presented projects to enlarge the expressway and convert it to a freeway. However, all proposals were cancelled because of the inhabitants of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Boroughs and ecological groups.

Eastern End: Dickson Street (a 6-laned boulevard that connects with the Souligny Avenue Exwy)

Western End: Papineau Street (A-720 western end)

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Intersection

A-720 ends

Papineau Street Traffic light
DeLorimier Street Traffic light
René-Lévesque Boulevard Ramp (WB only)
Frontenac Street Traffic light

Divided Highway Ends

Alphonse-Roy Street Ramp (WB only)
Davidson Street Traffic light
Pie-IX Boulevard Traffic light
Viau/St.-Clement Street Traffic light
St.Catherines Street Traffic light
Dickson Street Traffic light



Le-Gardeur Bridge Expressway:
This expressway links the Montreal island to the mainland. It crosses the horrible Sherbrooke On-Ground Interchange. It has frontage roads on each shore. These roads are connected to the main road by traffic lights, on each side.

Eastern End: Notre-Dame-des-Champs Blvd. (A-640) (Repentigny)

Western End: Raoul-Jobin St. (Montreal)


Pierre-Le-Gardeur Boulevard:
This 2-lane expressway is used to partially by-pass the town of Le Gardeur.

Eastern End: St. Paul St. (Repentigny, Le Gardeur Area)

Western End: A-40 (Charlemagne)

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
A-40 Folded Diamond Interchange
Montée Des Arsenaux Road At-grade


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