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Airport Road:
Airport Road is a Super-2 expressway in London, stretching from Hwy 401 to Huron Street, a distance of about 12 km.

In the future, the City of London plans to widen Airport Rd to 4 lanes. 




Date History
1977 Hwy 401 to Oxford St complete
Late 1990's Oxford St to Huron St complete
Future Northern extension to Clarke Rd will be built, including an interchange at Clarke Rd

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Hwy 401 trumpet
Bradley Ave At-grade
Hamilton Rd At-grade
River Rd/Catherine St At-grade

Grade separation under Canadian National Railway

Gore Rd At-grade
Tartan Dr At-grade
Trafalgar St At-grade
Admiral Dr At-grade
Dundas St At-grade

Grade separation over Canadian National Railway

Page St At-grade
Oxford St At-grade

At-grade rail crossing at Goderich-Exeter Railway

Huron St At-grade



Hanlon Parkway:
Hanlon Parkway, which is shared by Hwy 6 and Hwy 7, is an expressway that currently runs from Hwy 401 to the end of the Hwy 6 / Hwy 7 multiplex north of Guelph. Both a northern extension and a southern extension are planned. The northern extension, which is the one closer to construction, will follow Hwy 7 west to Kitchener. The southern extension will follow Hwy 6 towards Hamilton. 


Date History
1975 Hanlon Parkway opened with all intersections at-grade
Mid-1990's Interchange added at the southern end of the Hwy 6 / Hwy 7 multiplex in Guelph

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Northern end of the Hwy 6 / Hwy 7 multiplex T-intersection
Southern end of the Hwy 6 / Hwy 7 multiplex (also the junction with CR 124) interchange



Hwy 3:
Hwy 3 is a Super-2 expressway in St. Thomas and Tillsonburg. In St. Thomas, the expressway runs between Wellington Rd and Centennial Ave. In Tillsonburg, southeast of London, Hwy 3 is a Super-2 expressway from John Pound Rd to Simcoe St, a distance of about 4 km.

Junction Log:
The junctions on the Tillsonburg expressway consist of two signals, one of which is at Hwy 19, two unsignalized at-grades, an overpass at a local street, and an at-grade railroad crossing at the Canadian Pacific Railway.



Hwy 11:
Hwy 11 is an expressway from just northeast of the County Rd 31 (Former Hwy 11 & Former Hwy 93) interchange north of Barrie to Oro-Medonite Line 15 south of Orillia, and from Huronia Rd north of Orillia to the County Rd 41 (Former Hwy 169) interchange on the south side of Gravenhurst.

Chris Bessert writes in his excellent website about the highway:

“Instead of constructing new a new road on new right-of-way, an un-crossable barrier was installed in the median of the four-lane divided Hwy 11 from Barrie to Orillia and from Orillia to Gravenhurst, while all residences and the multitude of business establishments along the route were allowed to remain. Access from one side of the highway to the other is gained only at about 15 “interchanges" placed at regular intervals. These "interchanges" are merely overpasses over Hwy 11 linking the two disconnected sides of a crossroad. To "turn around" on Hwy 11, a motorist must "exit" the highway by turning right onto the side road, travel several hundred meters, then access the overpass entrance road. After crossing Hwy 11, the motorist is deposited on the side road on the opposite side of the highway and by turning back toward the Hwy 11, the motorist travels another couple hundred meters and is able to enter Hwy 11 in the opposite direction he or she was travelling by means of another right turn.”

The closest highway I can think of to having these characteristics is the US 1 expressway in Rhode Island. However, this interesting road may not last much longer, as there are plans to upgrade it to a normal freeway.

There are also two expressway segments from County Rd 6 at Gravenhurst to just south of the Hwy 118 / County Rd 118 (Former Hwy 118) interchange at Muskoka Falls south of downtown Bracebridge and from Holiday Rd at Bracebridge to Lindgren Rd south of County Rd 3 at Huntsville.



Hwy 17:
Hwy 17 is a Super-2 expressway from 3.7 km west of Paquette Rd in Patawawa to the western end of Hwy 417, except for the segment between Meath Hill and Haley Station which is scheduled to be bypassed by 2010.

Near Sudbury, Highway 17 is a super-2 expressway between where the freeway portion ends at Regional highway 55 and extends as far as Highway 69.


Hwy 35 / Hwy 115:
This is an expressway between Hwy 401 and Hwy 115, which are both freeways. Access to Hwy 35 / 115 is by right-in-right-outs.


Hwy 40:
Highway 40 in Ontario is an expressway from highway 402 southerly to where it turns east towards Wallaceburg. It has an interchange with London Line, just south of highway 402. It has a few divided sections, with at-grade intersections in the Sarnia area.


Regional Hwy 55:

In the Greater Sudbury area of Ontario, Regional highway 55 is an expressway between Black Lake Rd. and Regional highway 32, however it is a super-4 expressway between highway 32 and highway 34 (Big Nickel Mines Dr.) where the bus garage for Sudbury schools is.  This expressway serves as a gateway to the nickel mines of Sudbury.


Stephane Dumas, Jay LaRochelle, Chris Bessert, James B. Alcock, Josh Lindsay, Chris Beach, Clinton Moore

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