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US 1:

Segment Type of Highway Length View Pictures
Connecticut border to 1 mile west of RI 78 City Street   Pictures (Gribblenation)
1 mile west of RI 78 to RI 78 4-lane Boulevard 1 mile  
RI 78 to RI 1A west of Charlestown 4-5-lane Arterial 8 miles  
RI 1A west of Charlestown to Old Tower Hill Road east of Wakefield 4-lane Expressway   Pictures (Steve Alpert)

Pictures (Gribblenation)

Wakefield to RI 4 North 4-lane Arterial   Pictures (Gribblenation)
RI 4 North to Wickford 2-lane Highway / City Street 2 miles  
Wickford to East Greenwich 4-lane Undivided Boulevard / 5-lane Boulevard 7 miles  
East Greenwich to Apponaug City Street 3 miles  
Apponaug to the Massachusetts border 4-lane Undivided Boulevard / 5-lane Boulevard, with a few city street sections. There is a short multiplex on the I-95 freeway near Pawtucket 13 miles Pictures (Steve Alpert)

Pictures (Gribblenation)



US 1 is an expressway from Charlestown to Wakefield. MTR contributor Mitsguy2001 reports on what the highway is like:

"A section of US 1 in southern RI seems almost like a freeway, with right in / right out ramps, and no traffic lights. However, it has no overpasses, and it allows U-turns. To do a left turn from US 1 to a side street, you must pass the side street, do a U-turn (signed as a left exit), merge across the other side of the road (difficult and dangerous), and exit.  A similar procedure is used to turn left from a side street to US 1."


RI 4:
RI 4, which is otherwise a freeway, has 3 signals near the southern end. At the southern end, it flows into the 4-lane US 1.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Oak Hill Rd signal
West Allenton Rd signal
US 1 signal



Dan Moraseki, Mitsguy2001, 1998/99 Official State Map


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