TN 19:


Segment Type of Highway
Golddust to US 51 2-lane road
Along the US 51 multiplex 4-lane-divided Arterial
Ripley Bypass 2-lane Expressway
Ripley to Brownsville 2-lane road
South and West Brownsville Bypass (north of TN 54 to TN 76) 2-lane Expressway
East Brownsville Bypass 2-lane road
TN 76 to I-40 2-lane road

Junction Log - Ripley Bypass:

Junction Type of Access
US 51 At-grade
TN 209 Overpass with access road
Highland St Ext / Hyde Rd At-grade
East end of bypass - Old TN 19 At-grade


Junction Log - South and West Brownsville Bypass:

Junction Type of Access
West end of bypass - Old TN 19 At-grade
TN 54 At-grade
Prospect Lane At-grade
US 70 At-grade
Shaw Chapel Road At-grade
Railroad Crossing Overpass
Windrow Rd At-grade
Old TN 76 At-grade
TN 76 At-grade


Current and Future Improvements:

Preliminary engineering was completed in 2004 for the 4-laning the entire segment from US 51 in Ripley to MS 76 in Brownsville. This includes both segments that are currently 2-lane expressways. The proposed roadway cross-section will consist of four 12-foot traffic lanes with shoulders, a 48-foot grass median, within a minimum of 250-foot of right-of-way. Right of way for this project is scheduled for acquisition in 2006. This project will be connected to I-40 by the widening of TN 76 south of Brownsville. TN 76 will be widened to a 5-lane boulevard with curb and gutter. This boulevard project is currently under construction.


TN 22:


Segment Type of Highway
West of Union City 2-lane road
Through Union City City Street
Union City to the east end of the Martin Bypass 4-lane Freeway
Martin to Dresden 4-lane-divided Arterial
Dresden Bypass 2-lane road
Dresden to McKenzie Mix of 4-lane-divided Arterial and 2-lane road
McKenzie Bypass and McKenzie to Huntingdon 4-lane-divided Arterial
Hungtingdon Bypass - TN 77 to US 70A 2-lane Expressway
Huntingdon Bypass - US 70A to US 70 2-lane road
Huntingdon Bypass - Along the US 70 multiplex 2-lane Expressway
Huntingdon to Lexington 4-lane-divided Arterial
Lexington to Mississippi 2-lane road and City Street segments

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
TN 77 At-grade
Unimproved road At-grade
Seaboard System Railroad Overpass
Pin Oak Lane At-grade
US 70A At-grade -- TN 22 turns right

END EXPRESSWAY - Private Access Begin

Pin Oak Lane At-grade
US 70 WEST At-grade


Cotham Drive At-grade
Cotham Drive At-grade
US 70 EAST At-grade -- TN 22 turns right

END EXPRESSWAY - Expressway Continues on US 70 EAST

Current and Future Improvements:

The Huntingdon Bypass is built on a 4-lane right-of-way and is the only remaining 2-lane segment between I-40 and Union City. However, traffic counts in this area are low, so no upgrade is currently planned.


TN 23:


Segment Type of Highway
West of I-240 Various boulevard and city street segments
I-240 to Humphreys Blvd 7-lane Boulevard
Humphreys Blvd to TN 177 4-lane Expressway
TN 177 to Walnut Bend Rd 7-lane Boulevard
Walnut Bend Rd to Sanga Rd 5-lane Boulevard
Sanga Rd to Forest Hill Irene Rd 4-lane Boulevard
Forest Hill Irene Rd to Houston Levee Rd 2-lane Road

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
I-240 6-ramp partial cloverleaf; loops and C / D roads on the west  side (south /westbound) of I-240; signal at north / eastbound I-240 ramps
Briarview St Traffic light
Baptist Hospital Traffic light
Humphreys Blvd Traffic light

Speed Limit 45 -- BEGIN EXPRESSWAY

Farm Rd Traffic light  
Moore Rd At-grade
Farm Rd At-grade

Speed Limit 55

TN 177 / Germantown Parkway SPUI Interchange (first one in Tennessee) -- this bridge is the only location on TN 23 east of I-240 to have shoulders  

Speed Limit 45 - END EXPRESSWAY


Current and Future Improvements:

An eastward extension is possible as the area gets developed.


US 43:
US-43 is an expressway in the Columbia area. The expressway travels from US-31 to south of Mount Pleasant and varies between 2 and 4 lanes.


The section around Mount Pleasant was done in the early '80s, the extension around Columbia finished by 1995 (part of this section also carries US-412). The divided section has been extended south of SSR-243 since 1995.


TN 176 / Getwell Road:

Getwell Road is a jersey freeway located southeast of Memphis.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Tennessee state line / SPEED LIMIT 35
Holmes Road Traffic Signal
Memphis City Limit / SPEED LIMIT 45
Raines Road All-way stops in each direction
Begin Jersey Freeway / SPEED LIMIT 40
Winchester Road Diamond interchange
US 78 / Lamar Avenue 4-ramp partial cloverleaf with a loop from NB 176 to US 78
Knight Arnold Road Diamond Interchange
End Jersey Freeway

TN 176 continues north to I-240. There are two lanes from the Tennessee state line to south of Holmes Road (this segment is being widened), 4 lanes from Holmes Road to TN 175 / Shelby Drive, and 7 lanes north of Shelby Drive.  From just south of Raines Road to Knight Arnold Road, TN 176 is a divided highway with some driveways and no shoulders.  The interchanges promote a portion of this highway to Jersey Freeway status, although it is not a full freeway because of an intersection with a side road. 




Expressway Site Recommends:
The road should be upgraded along other 4-lane stretches because the median is wide; the road could be shifted a little so that it could carry shoulders and access roads for businesses; this would involve a lot of spending on MPO's part, however.

Picture (Courtesy of Zachary Bugg)


TN 381:



Segment Type of Highway Length Pictures
US 11E / US 19W (north of I-26) to Sunset Drive (south of I-26) 4-lane Expressway 4 miles  
Sunset Drive to TN 67 (Cherokee Rd) 4-5-lane Boulevard 4 miles  




Thanks to Zachary Bugg for the TN 23 junction log and the TN 176 entry. Thanks to Marc Fannin for the US 43 entry and history.



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