US 7:



Segment Type of Highway Approximate Length
Massachusetts border to Bennington 2-lane Road 10 miles
Through Bennington City Street 2 miles
Bennington to Manchester Super-2 Freeway 29 miles
Manchester to Wallingford 2-lane Road 19 miles
Wallingford to the US 4 freeway south of Rutland 4-lane Expressway 8 miles
Through Rutland City Street 5 miles
Rutland to Pittsford 2-lane Road, going through the center of town in Pittsford, Brandon, and Middlebury 43 miles
Vergennes Bypass 2-lane Expressway 1 mile
Vergennes to Shelburne 2-lane Road 16 miles
Through Shelburne and Burlington City Street 11 miles
Burlington to Canada border 2-lane Road, going through the center of town in Milton, St. Albans, and Swanton 39 miles


Detailed Description:
Through most of Vermont, US 7 is still a traditional New England highway, traveling through the center of every town. However, there are three segments of the highway that have been upgraded to modern standards.

US 7 between Bennington and Manchester is a super-two expressway that was at one time planned to be a full fledged freeway.  The US 7 super-two replaced what is now known as Historic VT 7A.  There is no access to the super-two except for a few interchanges. However, climbing lanes and scenic beauty are abundant.  You can see some evidence of this, particularly with grading for an additional overpass at the interchange with VT 313.

US 7 has also been upgraded from Wallingford to Rutland (as a 4-lane expressway) and around the town of Vergennes (as a super-2 expressway).


Junction Log - Bennington to Manchester:


Exit Number Junction Type of Access
  Historic VT 7A / To VT 67A - Bennington At-grade Intersection

Begin Super-2

Unmarked Exit 1 VT 279 Interchange
Exit 2 To Historic VT 7A - Shaftsbury Interchange
Exit 3 VT 313 / To Historic VT 7A - Arlington / Sunderland Interchange
Exit 4 VT 11 / VT 30/ To Historic VT 7A - Manchester / Manchester Center Interchange

End Super-2

  Historic VT 7A At-grade Intersection



Junction Log and Detailed Description by Doug Kerr. Basic Overview by Eric Smith


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