Introduction to Virginia's Expressways:

Virginia has one of the most varied and interesting systems of multilane highways in the country. Segments of freeways, expressways, arterials, and boulevards are mixed together to create a network of inter-regional highways. One thing that sets Virginia apart from other states is that this is not a network only on paper: over 90 % of the designated arterial corridors are complete, with many of the remaining missing links under construction today. For more background information on the Virginia Arterial System, see Scott Kozelís Arterial Highway page.


The Highways:

US 1 to US 11

US 13

US 15 to VA 28

US 29

Business US 29 to US 50

US 58

Business US 58 to VA 168

VA 171

VA 199

VA 207 to VA 210

US 211

US 220 to VA 288

US 301

US 360 to Secondary Route 7900

Jubal Early Drive to Piedmont Drive

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