US 211:


Segment Type of Highway Approximate Length Pictures
Through New Market City Street 1 mile  
New Market to New Market Gap 4-lane Arterial 1 mile View Pictures (AARoads)
Through the mountains of New Market Gap 3-lane Country Road 3 miles  
New Market Gap to Luray 4-lane Arterial 9 miles View Pictures (AARoads)
Luray Bypass 4-lane Expressway 3 miles View Pictures (AARoads)
Luray to Shenandoah National Park 4-lane Arterial 3 miles  
Through Shenandoah National Park and east to Sperryville 2-3-lane Country Road 13 miles View Pictures (AARoads)
Sperryville to Washington (VA) 4-lane Arterial 5 miles  
Washington (VA) Bypass 4-lane Expressway 2 miles View Pictures (AARoads)
Washington (VA) to Warrenton 4-lane Arterial 19 miles View Pictures (AARoads)


Through Warrenton 4-lane Boulevard 2 miles View Pictures (AARoads)

Detailed Description:
US 211, a Virginia one-state US highway, travels through some beautiful scenery courtesy of the Shenadoah Valley. Beginning at I-81 (although VA 211 continues west of I-81), it is usually a 4 lane highway on flat ground and a 3 lane country road when crossing mountains. When crossing the Shenandoah Mountains, US 211 travels through Shenandoah National Park. Parking pull offs along US 211 in the park lead to the famous Appalachian Trail as well as shorter trails such as the Buck Hollow Trail and Buck Ridge Trail. US 211 does have two expressway-grade bypasses but it runs through towns on either end, with New Market on the western end and Warrenton on the eastern end.



Segment Designated as Limited Access Highway
Luray Bypass 11/1966
Washington Bypass 5/1966


More History: (courtesy of Mike Roberson)

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access Highway Type at Junction Location
I-81 Diamond Interchange City Street New Market
US 11 Signal City Street New Market

US 211 cosigns with US 11 for a couple yards.

US 11 At-grade (US 211 turns right) City Street New Market

Enter Page County, Leave Shenadoah County

US 340 Signal Arterial Central Page County

US 340 cosigns with US 211

BEGIN EXPRESSWAY - Begin Luray Bypass

US 211 BUSINESS At-grade Expressway Luray
Cave Hill Rd / Northcott Dr At-grade Expressway Luray
Mechanic St Overpass with at-grade at access road Expressway Luray
Hawksbill St / Cottage Dr At-grade Expressway Luray
US 340/US 340 Business Diamond Interchange Expressway Luray
Collins Ave Overpass - NO ACCESS Expressway Luray
Wallace Rd / Whispering Hill Rd At-grade Expressway Luray
US 211 Business At-grade Expressway Luray

END EXPRESSWAY - US 211 becomes a 4-lane arterial at the end of the Luray Bypass

Enter Rappahanock County, Leave Page County

US 522 Signal Country Road Sperryville

BEGIN EXPRESSWAY - Begin Washington Bypass

US 211 Business At-grade Expressway Washington
Mount Salem Ave / SR 626 At-grade Expressway Washington
US 211 Business At-grade Expressway Washington
Library Rd / SR 623 At-grade Expressway Washington

END EXPRESSWAY - US 211 becomes a 4-lane arterial at the end of the Washington Bypass

US 522 Signal Arterial Massies Corner

Enter Culpeper County, Leave Rappahancock County

VA 229 Signal Arterial Northern Culpeper County

Enter Fauquier County, Leave Culpeper County

BUS US 211 / BUS US 17/29 This signal has BUS US 211 East going straight across, BUS US 17/29 South to the right, and US 211 / BUS US 17/29 turning left. Boulevard Warrenton
BUS US 17 North Signal Boulevard Warrenton
BUS US 15/29 BUS US 211 This signal marks the eastern end of US 211. It has BUS US 15/29 North going straight across and BUS US 15 South / BUS US 211 West turning right. Boulevard Warrenton


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