US 58:


Segment Type of Highway Designated Arterial System?
Tennessee border to 2 miles from Tennessee border 4-lane Expressway NO
2 miles from Tennessee border to Ewing 4-lane Arterial NO
Ewing to Rose Hill 4-lane Expressway NO
Rose Hill to Jonesville 4-lane Arterial NO
Through Jonesville City Street NO
Jonesville to Dot 2-lane road NO
Dot to Stickleyville 2-lane Highway with passing lanes NO
Stickleyville to SR 604 2-lane road NO
SR 604 to US 23 at Duffield 4-lane Arterial NO
Duffield to SR 629 4-lane Arterial YES
SR 629 to Business US 23 at Gate City 4-lane Expressway YES
Business US 23 to US 23 South 4-lane Arterial YES
US 23 near Weber City to I-81 2-lane road NO
I-81 South to near Exit 7 6-lane Freeway Interstate
Near Exit 7 to I-81 North 4-lane Freeway Interstate
I-81 to just east of US 11 4-lane Boulevard NO
Just east of US 11 to Damscus 2-lane road NO
Through Damascus City Street NO
Damscus to Independence 2-lane road NO
Through Independence City Street NO
Independence to just west of VA 274 2-lane road NO
Just west of VA 274 to just east of VA 94 4-lane Arterial NO
West Galax Bypass 4-lane Expressway NO
Through Galax 4-lane Boulevard NO
Galax to Hillsville 4-lane Arterial NO
Through Hillsville City Street YES
Hillsville to Meadows of Dan 2-lane road YES
Meadows of Dan Bypass 4-lane Expressway (opened December 2005) YES
Meadows of Dan to VA 8 North 2-lane road YES
US 58 / VA 8 Duplex 5-lane Boulevard YES
Stuart Bypass 4-lane Expressway YES
Stuart to US 220 4-lane Arterial YES
Martinsville Bypass 4-lane Freeway YES
Martinsville Bypass to Danville Bypass 4-lane Arterial YES
Danville Bypass 4-lane Freeway YES
US 29 to SR 734 (a few miles) 4-lane Boulevard YES
SR 734 east of Danville to South Boston 4-lane Arterial YES
Through South Boston (SR 704 to US 360) 4-lane Boulevard YES
South Boston to Clarksville 4-lane Arterial YES
Clarksville Bypass 4-lane Expressway YES
Clarksville to Boydton 4-lane Arterial YES
Boydton Bypass 4-lane Expressway YES
Boydton to US 1 4-lane Arterial YES
Along the US 1 multiplex 5-lane Boulevard YES
South Hill Bypass (US 1 to I-85) 4-lane Expressway YES
I-85 to LaCrosse 4-lane Boulevard YES
LaCrosse to Brodnax 4-lane Arterial YES
Through Brodnax 5-lane Boulevard YES
Brodnax to Lawrenceville 4-lane Arterial YES
Lawrenceville Bypass 4-lane Freeway YES
Lawrenceville to the western city limits of Emporia 4-lane Arterial YES
WCL Emporia to I-95 4-lane Boulevard YES
Emporia Bypass (I-95 to ECL Emporia) 4-lane Expressway YES
Emporia to Courtland 4-lane Arterial YES
Courtland Bypass 4-lane Expressway YES
Courtland Bypass to Franklin Bypass 4-lane Arterial YES
Business US 58 west of Franklin to VA 272 east of Franklin 4-lane Freeway YES
VA 272 to Holland 4-lane Arterial YES
Holland Bypass 4-lane Expressway YES
Holland to SR 643 4-lane Arterial YES
SR 643 to Suffolk Bypass (2.5 miles) 4-lane Boulevard YES
Suffolk Bypass 4-lane Freeway YES
Suffolk Bypass to I-664 6-lane Expressway YES
I-664 to US 13 / US 460 / VA 191 4-lane Expressway YES
US 13 / US 460 / VA 191 to VA 239 / Victory Drive 3-lane Boulevard YES
VA 239 / Victory Drive to VA 141 / London Boulevard 4-lane Boulevard YES
VA 141 / London Boulevard to Midtown Tunnel 4-lane Freeway YES
Midtown Tunnel 2-lane Tunnel YES
Midtown Tunnel to Boush Street in downtown Norfolk 6-lane Boulevard YES
Along Boush Street to Virginia Beach Boulevard City Street YES
Boush Street to Round Bay Road 4-lane Boulevard YES
Round Bay Road to Glenrock Road 6-lane Boulevard YES
Glenrock Road to Newtown Road 4-lane Boulevard with service roads YES
Newtown Road to Business US 58 (Laskin Road / Virginia Beach Boulevard interchange) (Eastbound US 58 changes from Virginia Beach Boulevard to Laskin Road) 8-lane Boulevard YES
Business US 58 to Atlantic Avenue 4-lane Boulevard YES

Detailed Description:
A major east-west intrastate highway, US 58 traverses just over 500 miles of every kind of terrain in Virginia. To be exact, the 2002 mileage was 506, but that number doesn't include the newly opened bypasses of Stuart, Dansville, or Clarksville. Traffic on the rest of the 4-lane rural segments of the highway may be speeding up as well. The Virginia legislature passed a law allowing for 60 mph speed limits on certain rural 4-lane highways, including US 58. For the most part, US 58 is close to its southern neighbors, Tennessee and North Carolina. In fact, the longest distance that ever lies between the highway and the state line is at Virginia Beach, at a distance of approximately 25 miles. On the newly opened Danville Bypass, the main lanes are only several hundred feet away from the state line, and interchange ramps cross into North Carolina.

US 58 is not slated to be converted to an interstate, but improvements to the 500 mile stretch calls for bypasses and four-laning most of the remaining 2 lane highway segments. In addition, US 58 would be considered a one-state US highway if were not for the fact it enters into Tennessee for one mile, terminating at US 25E near Cumberland Gap, TN.


Segment Designated as Limited Access Highway
Route 698 at Cowan Mill to Route 879 near Thomas Walker High School 11/1991
Business US 58 at Ewing to Business US 58 at Rose Hill 10/1991
Independence Bypass (PROPOSED) 5/1998
West Galex Bypass 12/1968
Hillsville Bypass (PROPOSED) 1/1997
Meadows of Dan Bypass 12/1998
Stuart Bypass 9/1971
Martinsville Bypass 7/1969
Clarksville Bypass 5/1997
Boydton Bypass 4/1973
South Hill Bypass 6/1990
Lawrenceville Bypass 5/1958
Emporia Bypass 7/1984
Courtland Bypass 9/1973
Franklin Bypass, from the west end to US 258 2/1974
Franklin Bypass, from US 258 to VA 272 10/1977
Holland Bypass 1/1970
Suffolk Bypass 11/1968
Suffolk Bypass to I-64 12/1971
I-264 to London Boulevard (Freeway PROPOSED) 10/1998


More History: (courtesy of Mike Roberson - click here)

Junction Log (I-85 to Virginia Beach):

Junction Type of Access Highway Type at Junction Location
I-85 Cloverleaf Interchange Boulevard South Hill
Shopping Center Entrance Traffic Signal Boulevard South Hill
SR 621 Traffic Signal Boulevard to Arterial LaCrosse
Enter Brunswick County, Leave Mecklenburg County (the county line is within Brodnax)
SR 659 At-grade Boulevard Brodnax
VA 46 Diamond interchange Arterial to Freeway Lawrenceville
Business US 58 Folded diamond Interchange Freeway Lawrenceville
SR 750 At-grade Freeway to Arterial Brunswick County (near Lawrenceville)
Enter Greensville County, Leave Brunswick County
Enter Emporia City, Leave Greensville County (US 58 transitions from Arterial to Boulevard here.)
I-95 Cloverleaf interchange Boulevard to Expressway Emporia
US 58 Business Traffic Signal Expressway Emporia
US 301 Folded diamond Interchange Expressway Emporia
SR 614 / Reese St At-grade at an access road Expressway Emporia
SR 611 / Davis St At-grade at an access road Expressway Emporia
US 58 Business (Atlantic St) At-grade Expressway to Arterial Emporia
Enter Greensville County, Leave Emporia City
Enter Southampton County, Leave Greensville County
US 58 Business / VA 35 Diamond Interchange Arterial to Expressway Courtland
SR 742 At-grade Expressway Courtland
US 58 Business At-grade Expressway to Arterial Coutland
US 58 Business At-grade Arterial to Freeway 2 miles west of the Franklin city limits
CR 671 / Armory Drive (a short cut from I-95 to avoid US 58 in Emporia) Diamond Interchange Freeway Franklin
US 258 / Business US 258 Diamond Interchange Freeway Franklin
Begin US 258 multiplex.
SR 714 / Pretlow St Folded diamond Interchange Freeway Franklin
Enter Suffolk City, Leave Southampton County
VA 189 South / US 258 North Diamond, except that the eastbound off-ramp is a loop Freeway Suffolk
End US 258 multiplex. Begin VA 189 multiplex.
VA 272 At-grade Freeway to Arterial Suffolk
VA 189 North At-grade Arterial to Expressway Holland (part of Suffolk)
End VA 189 multiplex.
US 58 Business Half-directional Expressway to Arterial Holland (part of Suffolk)
SR 643 / Manning Bridge Rd Traffic Signal Arterial to Boulevard Suffolk
SR 738 / Kenyon Rd Traffic Signal Boulevard Suffolk
Grove Ave Traffic Signal Boulevard Suffolk
Staley Dr Traffic Signal Boulevard Suffolk
US 58 Business / US 13 Complex - The junction with Business US 58 is an at-grade that is smack-dab in the middle of the interchange Boulevard to Freeway Suffolk
Begin multiplex with US 13.
SR 604 / Pitchkettle Road Diamond to/from the south. This is also how northbound US 13 traffic accesses BUSINESS US 58 Freeway Suffolk
US 460 Business and Bypass 5-ramp partial cloverleaf Interchange Freeway Suffolk
US 460 cosigns with US 58 / US 13.
VA 10 / VA 32 5-ramp partial cloverleaf Interchange Freeway Suffolk
SR 642 / Wilroy Rd Folded diamond Interchange Freeway Suffolk
US 13 / US 58 / US 460 Business Half directional interchange. No access to / from the west. Freeway to Expressway Suffolk
Enter Chesapeake City, leave Suffolk City.
I-664 / I-64 / US 460 / US 58 Huge Interchange Expressway Chesapeake
US 13 / US 460 / VA 191 Traffic signal Expressway to Boulevard Chesapeake
Begin multiplex with US 460 Alternate.
Enter Portsmouth City, Leave Chesapeake City.
Greenwood Drive (major boulevard in Portsmouth) Traffic Signal Boulevard Portsmouth
VA 239 / Victory Blvd Traffic Signal Boulevard Portsmouth
VA 337 / Portsmouth Blvd Traffic Signal Boulevard Portsmouth
End multiplex with US 460 Alternate.
US 17 / Frederick Blvd Traffic Signal Boulevard Portsmouth
VA 141 / London Blvd Folded diamond Interchange (note: VA 141 to the east and US 58 to the west are along the same roadway here. US 58 exits onto itself, and joins the short Martin Luther King Freeway) Boulevard to Freeway Portsmouth
Cleveland Street Partial Interchange Freeway Portsmouth
VA 164 / Western Freeway Directional interchange under construction (est. completion: Dec. 2004) Freeway Portsmouth
West End Midtown Tunnel Tunnel entrance Freeway to Tunnel Portsmouth
Enter Norfolk City, Leave Portsmouth City (within Midtown Tunnel)
VA 337 / Hampton Blvd / Brambleton Ave Complex interchange Tunnel to Boulevard Norfolk
Begin multiplex with VA 337.
VA 337 / Brambleton Ave / Boush St Traffic Signal Boulevard to City Street Norfolk
US 58 leaves VA 337 at Boush St
US 460 / Monticello Ave Traffic Signal Boulevard Norfolk
VA 168 / Tidewater Drive Traffic Signal Boulevard Norfolk
VA 166 / Park Avenue Traffic Signal Boulevard Norfolk
VA 405 (unsigned) / Ballentine Blvd Traffic Signal Boulevard Norfolk
US 13 / Military Highway Traffic Signal at SPUI ramps Boulevard Norfolk
I-64 No Access Boulevard Norfolk
VA 165 / Kempsville Rd Traffic Signal Boulevard Norfolk
Former VA 403 (still partially signed) / Newton Rd Traffic Signal Boulevard Norfolk / Virginia Beach
Enter Virginia Beach City, Leave Norfolk City at Newton Road
VA 190 / Witchduck Rd Traffic Signal Boulevard Virginia Beach
VA 225 / Independence Blvd Traffic Signal Boulevard Virginia Beach
Former VA 411 / Rosemont Rd Traffic Signal Boulevard Virginia Beach
Former VA 414 / Lynnhaven Parkway Traffic Signal Boulevard Virginia Beach
VA 279 / Great Neck Rd Traffic Signal Boulevard Virginia Beach
US 58 Business / Virginia Beach Blvd Half-directional Boulevard Virginia Beach
Former VA 408 / First Colonia Rd Traffic Signal Boulevard Virginia Beach
US 60 / Pacific Ave Traffic Signal Boulevard Virginia Beach
Atlantic Ave Traffic Signal Boulevard (End) Virginia Beach
US 58 ends at Atlantic Ave in Virginia Beach.


Future Improvements:
The entire length of US 58 in Virginia is proposed to be upgraded to 4-lane status with the exception of the segment from Damascus to Volney. Virginia roads expert Scott Kozel describes the plans for this area:

"I talked to the VDOT manager of the U.S. Route 58 Corridor Development Program, a couple months ago, and asked him about the plans for the section of US-58 between Abingdon and Hillsville.  This section has I-81 and I-77 in place to carry the US-58 through traffic across that section of the US-58 corridor, so that section of US-58 has lower priority for 4-laning than the rest of the corridor.


He told me that the current plan, which is tentative due to the number of years that it would take to complete it all, is to upgrade US-58 to 4 lanes between Abingdon to Damascus, build a relocated 4-lane VA-16 to connect I-81 at Marion to US-58 at Volney, upgrade and relocate parts of US-58 to 4 lanes between Volney and Independence, and build a US-58 4-lane bypass of Independence to connect to the section of US-58 that is all 4 lanes between east of Independence and I-77 at Hillsville.


The Independence Bypass and the upgrade of the Abingdon-Damascus section are projects likely to be placed under construction in the next 6 years or so, and the remainder would be further into the future.


Due to its low traffic volumes and its scenic nature, the section of US-58 between Damascus and Volney would remain 2 lanes, with improvement projects in a few places."


Lou Corsaro and Adam Froehlig wrote the material for the US 58 page. The page was organized by Eric Smith. The following additional sources were used: VDOT state transportation map, Mapquest, Mike Roberson, Scott Kozel. Disclaimer

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