WA 10 (future):
A short part of WA 10, between WA 970 and I-90, is proposed to be an expressway. Along with WA 970, it will connect the proposed US 97 expressway with the I-90 freeway.


US 12:
US 12 is proposed to be a freeway / expressway across the entire state.


Segment Type of Highway
Aberdeen to Montesano Expressway proposed
Montesano to WA 8 at Elma 4-lane divided expressway
WA 8 at Elma to 2 miles west of I-5 Expressway proposed
2 miles west of I-5 to I-5 Super-2 expressway
Along the multiplex with I-5 US 12 is a freeway
I-5 to 3 miles west of Mossyrock Expressway proposed
3 miles west of Mossyrock to Glenoma Super-2 expressway
Glenoma to 5 miles west of WA 123 Expressway proposed
5 miles west of WA 123 to WA 123 Super-2 expressway
WA 123 to Naches Expressway proposed
Naches to South 40th St in Yakima 4-lane divided expressway
40th St in Yakima to the east end of I-182 in Pasco This segment is a freeway. It includes a long multiplex with I-82 and a shorter multiplex with I-182.
Pasco to WA 124 4-lane divided expressway
WA 124 Interchange There is a project planned that will provide a new interchange for US 12 at WA 124, and an overpass at Humorist Rd. Project will be designed starting in the spring of 2006. Construction is expected to begin in 2009.
WA 124 to  McNary Pool This is currently a super-2 expressway. Construction is underway to widen the expressway to four lanes. Design work began in July 2003.  The project is scheduled to  be open to traffic in the winter of 2005.
McNary Pool to Attalia This is currently a super-2 expressway. Construction is underway to widen the expressway to four lanes. Construction began on this four mile section in May 2003.  This section was complete and open to traffic ahead of schedule in August, 2004.
Attalia Vicinity Design on this phase is scheduled to begin in the winter of  2003.  The improved highway is scheduled to be open to traffic in the winter of 2007.
Attalia Vicinity to US 730 Design work on this phase is scheduled to start in the spring of 2006.  We anticipate the new roadway will be completed and open to  traffic in the winter of 2008.
Wallula to McDonald Rd A study to evaluate alternatives and determine  the final location for continuing the four-lane alignment of US 12 from Wallula to McDonald will be completed by 2007.
McDonald Rd to Walla Walla The entire length of this piece is proposed to follow a new alignment slightly to the north of the existing US 12, with three new at grade intersections at Ireland Rd, Last Chance Rd, and Sudbury Rd. Pine St, at the east end of the project limits (western end of existing Walla Walla expressway - provides current connection to WA 125) is proposed to be a diamond interchange with roundabouts constructed at the ramp terminals on Pine St. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2008 and be complete in 2009.
Through Walla Walla 5-mile long 4-lane divided expressway
Walla Walla to Garfield / Asotin County Line Expressway proposed
Garfield / Asotin County Line to WA 128 in Clarkston Super-2 expressway
WA 128 to the Idaho border Expressway proposed



WA 14:


Segment Type of Highway
I-5 to Exit 12 (Camas City Center / BR 14) This segment used to be an expressway, but the upgrade to freeway was completed in 2003.
Camas to East Camas (just west of Washougal) Super-2 expressway, planned to be upgraded to a 4-lane freeway. The proposal widens WA 14 to 4 lanes divided between the NW 6th Ave and WA 500 and constructs a new interchange in the vicinity of WA 500 (Union St). The new interchange combined with a south side Frontage Road will also eliminate the 2nd St and 6th St intersections. The interchange configuration of WA 14 and WA 500 is undetermined at this time, but WA 14 will obviously be the through route. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2009 and be complete in 2011.
East Camas to North Bonneville Expressway proposed
North Bonneville to Cascade Super-2 expressway
Cascade to Carson Expressway proposed
Carson to Home Valley Super-2 expressway
Home Valley to 6 miles west of WA 142 Expressway proposed
6 miles west of WA 142 to WA 142 Super-2 expressway
WA 142 to US 97 Expressway proposed
US 97 to I-82 This 80-mile segment is a Super-2 expressway



WA 16:
WA 16 is an expressway between Gig Harbor and Burley-Olalla Rd. This fits in with the WA 16 / WA 3 freeway that some road geeks have proposed as a fictional I-3.


Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Wallochet Dr / Fox Island Folded diamond interchange
Rosedale St NW Overpass - NO ACCESS
Access road to a cemetery At-grade on northbound only
Burnham Dr Diamond interchange
WA 302 Purdy / Shelton y-interchange west
WA 302 Purdy / Shelton y-interchange east
Burley / Olalla Rd At-grade (Speed limit lowers to 50 mph 1/2 mile before the intersection). WSDOT completed the 'Burley-Olalla Interim Safety Project' in 2004, which modified the existing WA 16 intersection at Burley-Olalla Rd. West(north)bound traffic is no longer allowed to make left turns across east(south)bound traffic. Eastbound WA 16 still has access across Westbound WA 16 to Burley-Olalla to the east of WA 16. There is a new interchange scheduled to be constructed starting in November of 2007. The new interchange will be a diamond interchange with Burley Olalla rd passing over WA 16. This intersection is the last remaining at grade crossing that actually crosses WA 16. The remaining at grade intersections are for local business access between Rosedale St and Burnham Dr, and may also be rerouted or eliminated in the future.



WA 17:


Segment Type of Highway
US 395 to I-90 Super-2 expressway
I-90 to Stratford Rd in Moses Lake Super-2 expressway planned to be upgraded to 4 lanes in the short-term
Stratford Rd to Moses Lake Airport 4-lane expressway
Moses Lake Airport to WA 28 at Soap Lake Super-2 expressway
Soap Lake to Blue Lake Expressway proposed
Blue Lake to 2 miles south of US 2 Super-2 expressway
2 miles south of US 2 to US 2 Expressway proposed
US 2 to US 97 No expressway planned

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
WA 26 Diamond with WA 17 as the through route
Stratford Rd north of Moses Lake interchange



WA 18:
WA 18 is planned to be a full freeway for the entire distance between I-5 and I-90. However, there is currently a super-2 expressway from Maple Valley to I-90. Work started in 2003 to upgrade the segment from Maple Valley to Issaquah Hobart Rd to a freeway. The speed limit is 55.

Junction Log:

Junction Current Type of Access Future type of access (when WA 18 is upgraded to freeway)
SE 231 St - Maple Valley / To WA 169 - Renton / Enumclaw Diamond Interchange. Divided highway ends. Diamond interchange.
236 Ave SE 236th Ave SE is permanently closed, and is a dead end on either side of WA 18. Dead end - No access
244 Ave SE At 244th Ave SE, the westbound overpass over 244th is complete - all traffic uses this alignment. All movements between the two roads is via the westbound on and off ramps. A temporary traffic signal is in place to facilitate movements to and from eastbound traffic utilizing temporary ramps that will be removed upon completion of the east half of the interchange - work is currently in progress. This project is expected to be complete by the summer of 2006. Trumpet interchange
SE 200 St Overpass - No access Overpass - No access

Divided highway begins and WA 18 widens to 4 lanes.

Issaquah-Hobart Rd Extended trumpet interchange Extended trumpet interchange
Divided highway ends; eastbound truck lane continues to Tiger Summit. In the future, the alignment will be 4 lanes divided by a 51 foot median, with truck climbing lanes going up on Tiger Mountain.
Tiger Summit At-grade Diamond interchange

Truck lanes end in both directions.

SE 104 St At-grade The I-90 junction preferred alternative includes direct freeway to freeway access, functioning as a 3Y, but the roadway will also continue as it does now to the existing diamond interchange, where the ramp terminals will have roundabouts installed for movements to and from Snoqualmie Parkway and SE 104th ST. Two flyovers will be built, and I believe that the connections to/from west I-90 will be 1 lane, and to/from the east will be 2 lanes. There are also plans to revise or relocate the existing weigh station, which is located along the I-90 westbound on ramp. New location may move it 2 miles east, just before the exit 27 on ramp. Work is scheduled to first for the I-90/WA 18 interchange in 2012, then widening in 2015.
I-90 East ramps Traffic signal
I-90 West ramps Traffic signal



WA 20:


Segment Type of Highway
Coupeville There is a short super-2 in Coupeville. Other than that, none of WA 20 west of Spur 20 is planned to be upgraded to an expressway.
Spur 20 to WA 536 4-lane divided expressway
WA 536 to I-5 Expressway planned in the short term. The environmental process will be completed in fall 2004. ROW purchase will be complete by fall 2006. Construction will begin in early 2007 and be completed in early 2009.
I-5 to 5 miles east of Marblemount Expressway proposed
5 miles east of Marblemount to Newhalem super-2 expressway
Newhalem to Diablo Expressway proposed
Diablo to Winthrop super-2 expressway
Winthrop to US 97 at Okanogan Expressway proposed
Along the US 97 multiplex WA 20 is a super-2 expressway
US 97 to US 395 No expressway planned
Along the US 395 multiplex WA 20 is proposed to be built as an expressway with a freeway bypass of Colville
US 395 to US 2 No expressway planned



Spur 20:
Spur 20 is a 4-lane divided expressway from the junction with WA 20 to the Anacortes City Limits. This is a westward extension of the WA 20 expressway.



WA 21:
The only expressway segment of WA 21 is in the immediate vicinity of the US 395 freeway. The short super-2 expressway lasts for one mile north of US 395 and three miles south of US 395.

This short segment of WA 21 was built as an expressway during the construction of the US 395 freeway with the purpose of being used as a connector. Prior to this, WA 21 was multiplexed US 395 for a short distance.



WA 22:


Segment Type of Highway
I-82 at Exit 50 to US 97 at Toppenish Expressway proposed
US 97 at Toppenish to I-82 at Prosser (Exit 82) Super-2 expressway



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