WA 105:


Segment Type of Highway
Aberdeen to 6 miles east of Markham Expressway proposed
6 miles east of Markham to 4 miles east of Markham Super-2 expressway
4 miles east of Markham to Bay City Expressway proposed
Bay City to 1 mile west of Bay City Super-2 expressway
1 mile west of Bay City to WA 105 Expressway proposed



WA 109 (Future):
WA 109 is proposed to be extended from its current northern terminus as an expressway. This new highway will connect to US 101 at Queets. The already-built segments of WA 109 are not planned to be upgraded to expressway standards.


WA 109 Spur:
This short super-2 expressway serves as a partial bypass of Hoquiam. It runs from WA 109 west of town to US 101 north of town.


WA 124 (Future):
WA 124 in the Tri-Cities area is proposed to be upgraded to an expressway from the US 12 expressway to three miles east of US 12.


WA 125:
WA 125 is a rather mysterious expressway in that it is a rather nice 4 lane divided highway as it enters WA from the south (OR 11), and continues about 5 miles northward toward Walla Walla. Just as you enter the Walla Walla City limits, WA 125 turns quickly into a city street then narrows to a 2 lane residential street about a mile before it even reaches US 12! The Myra Road extension project is planned to connect the two expressways by a new 4 lane roadway between Poplar St in College Place to the future US 12/Pine St interchange. It is unclear however if the WA 125 designation will move to the new Myra Road alignment. Myra Road will be slightly west of the existing WA 125. The US 12/Pine St interchange appears that room is being left for possible direct connections between US 12 and Myra Road to be built in the future if needed. Construction is scheduled to begin in the 2007 season.


WA 127:
WA 127 is proposed to be upgraded to an expressway for its entire length, from the WA 26 expressway to the proposed US 12 expressway. One short segment crossing the border of Whitman and Garfield counties is already a super-2.


WA 168 (Future):
WA 168 is a proposed super-2 expressway which will keep a highway in the WA 410 corridor open all year. This was originally proposed as an extension of I-82, but an interstate-standard highway is not required by the amount of traffic the route will receive. The proposed expressway will bypass the most narrow, winding, and unsafe segment of the route, through Chinook and Cayuse Passes, near Mount Rainier National Park. Because of this substandard segment, existing WA 410 must close seasonally. Although the super-2 is being planned as WA 168, the new route will most likely be designated as WA 410 upon completion, with the old road being designated as WA 168.


US 195:


Segment Type of Highway
Idaho border to Uniontown Super-2 expressway
Uniontown to WA 27 Expressway proposed
WA 27 to WA 270 Super-2 expressway. This is part of the Pullman Bypass, which is planned to be a complete expressway beltway of the city.
WA 270 to WA 26 at Colfax Expressway proposed
WA 26 to one mile north of WA 26 Super-2 expressway
One mile north of WA 26 to four miles south of WA 23 Expressway proposed
Four miles south of WA 23 to Spangle Super-2 expressway
Spangle to I-90 4-lane divided expressway



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