WA 223:
WA 223 is proposed to be a 4-mile long expressway connecting the WA 22 expressway to the I-82 freeway at Granger. The eastern two miles of the expressway are complete as a super-2, while the western two have not been built yet.


WA 240:


Segment Type of Highway
I-182 to Northwest Richland 6-lane divided expressway. There is enough traffic to warrant an upgrade to freeway standards.
Northwest Richland to WA 24 Super-2 expressway


WA 241 (Future):
WA 241 near Sunnyside is proposed to be upgraded to an expressway from the I-82 freeway to three miles north of I-82.


WA 260:
WA 260 is a super-2 expressway on the Connell Bypass, which runs along the south side of town from US 395 to west of Connell.


WA 270 (Future):
An expressway was proposed for the entire length of WA 270, from Pullman to the Idaho border. Today, a freeway bypass of Pullman is planned. East of Pullman, WA 270 will be built as a 5-lane boulevard.


WA 281:
WA 281, which links the proposed WA 28 expressway at Quincy to I-90, is proposed to be upgraded to an expressway for its entire length. There is already a short spur of super-2 expressway connecting to I-90 east.


WA 282:
WA 282, which connects Ephrata to the WA 17 expressway, is a super-2 expressway for its entire length.


WA 285:

WA 285 is an expressway between Wenatchee and East Wenatchee including the George Sellar Bridge. A third eastbound lane will be added to the George Sellar Bridge in 2009. There are two interchanges along the expressway portion of WA 285 - at either end of the bridge. The east end connects to the WA 28 expressway. A short freeway segment also exists on WA 285 at the northern tip between the US 2/97 junction and the Wenatchee city limits.

Junction log:

Junction Type of Access
US 2/97 Trumpet interchange - US 2/97 west/WA 285 south is through route.
US 2/97 expressway continues to the east. Begin WA 285 freeway
Easy St 1/2 diamond interchange south
5 lane boulevard through northern half of Wenatchee
One way couplet through southern half of Wenatchee
Mission St 1/4 cloverleaf, access between Mission south to 285 south and
285 north to mission north only
WA 28 west - Sunset Highway/Valley Mall Parkway weird trumpet interchange with access ramp from Valley Mall Pkwy to WA 285 north
A bypass ramp is planned to connect WA 28 at the above interchange to the East Wenatchee city limits and a future SPUI at WA 28/Grant Road is scheduled for construction sometime after 2014


WA 290 (Future):
WA 290 is a 4-lane highway near Trentwood, east of Spokane. Although the highway currently has driveways and part is undivided, an upgrade to expressway standards is proposed.

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
Sullivan Rd diamond interchange
Wellesley Ave y-interchange to the west. This is at the end of the expressway segment.


WA 302:
The two connector roads from WA 302 to the WA 16 expressway near Purdy are both super-2 expressways.


WA 305:


Segment Type of Highway
WA 3 to WA 307 4-lane undivided expressway
WA 307 to Komedal Rd NE 4-lane divided expressway proposed, including a second bridge over Agate Passage. WA 305 is already a 4-lane undivided conventional road as far as the Poulsbo city limits.
Komedal Rd NE to Humphrey Rd (near the ferry) Super-2 expressway. There are plans to upgrade this to a 4-lane divided expressway.


WA 308:
WA 308 connects Keyport to WA 3. The part from WA 3 to Viking Way NW is a super-2 expressway.



US 395:
There are long-term plans for a limited access highway along the entire US 395 corridor in Washington.


Segment Type of Highway
From the Oregon border to south of Kennewick US 395 is multiplexed along the I-82 freeway.
I-82 to WA 240 four lane divided expressway
WA 240 to I-182 freeway
US 395 is multiplexed with the I-182 freeway for a short distance
I-182 to 1 mile north of I-182 freeway
Pasco to Eltopia four lane divided expressway
Eltopia to WA 260 freeway
WA 260 to WA 21 expressway
WA 21 to I-90 freeway
Ritzville to Spokane US 395 multiplexes along the I-90 freeway
Spokane section will be freeway between I-90 and Wandermere Rd. This route is currently under construction.
Wandermere Rd to Half Moon Rd four lane divided expressway
Half Moon Rd to Deer Park Expressway proposed
Deer Park to WA 231 Super-2 expressway
WA 231 to west end of the WA 20 multiplex Expressway proposed. This will include a freeway bypass of Colville
WA 20 to the Canada border Expressway is a possibility in the distant future

Junction Log - Pasco to Ritzville:

Junction Type of Access
I-182/US 12/WA 397 Cloverleaf interchange
Kartchner St Folded diamond interchange, completed in 2003
Speed limit 60
Foster Wells Rd At-grade
Speed limit 70!
Mc Gregor Rd At-grade
Phend Rd At-grade
Crestlock Rd / Selph Landing Rd At-grade
Sagemoor Rd At-grade
Eltopia/Blanton Rd At-grade
WA 17 north - Othello / Moses Lake diamond interchange
WA 260 - Connell / Kahlotus diamond interchange
Lind Rd At-grade
Myers Rd At-grade
Muse Rd At-grade
Hatton Rd At-grade
WA 26 - Othello / Colfax; Rest area diamond interchange
Cunningham Rd At-grade
WA 21 - Lind / Kahlotus diamond interchange
Paha/Packard diamond interchange
To I-90 West - Seattle; Ritzville 2Y for access to Ritzville/to I-90 west
US 395 North / I-90 east Spokane through lanes (freeways merge here forming a high speed 2Y between the two.

Junction Log - Wandermere Rd to Half Moon Rd:

Junction Type of Access
Hatch Rd Diamond Interchange

Before the Kartchner Street interchange was completed, there was a 45 mph speed limit from I-182 and Hillsboro Street. Hillsboro Street used to connect to the expressway, but is now a dead end on both sides.

Pictures of the route through Spokane: (separate page)


WA 401 (Future):
WA 401 is proposed to be upgraded to an expressway along its entire length. This will serve as part of the expressway in coastal Washington that will follow US 101 for the rest of its journey. The proposed expressway will turn west at the northern terminus of WA 401, following WA 4 for five miles before again meeting up with US 101.


WA 432:
This expressway serves as a connector to Longview. It will eventually serve as bypass around Longview for WA 4 traffic.


Segment Type of Highway
WA 4 to WA 411 Expressway proposed
WA 411 to I-5 4-lane divided expressway


WA 500:


Segment Type of Highway
I-5 to Andresson Rd Expressway, with short term plans for a freeway upgrade
Andresson Rd to WA 503 expressway was expressway, but three interchanges have been built during the since 1999
WA 503 to 2 miles east of WA 503 Expressway proposed

Junction Log:
Andressen Rd to WA 503 freeway - was expressway, but three interchanges have been built within the last 5 years.

Junction Type of Access
SE Andressen Rd SPUI (completed 1996)
SE Thurston Way SPUI (completed 2002)
I-205 Full cloverleaf, with C-D roads on I-205
NE 112th St/Gher Rd Tight Diamond (completed September 2004)

Junction Log (Future):

Junction Type of Access
I-5/NE 39th St Directional 2Y from WA 500 to/from I-5 South
NE 39th St Serves as connector to I-5 north, 1/2 diamond. I-5 at NE 39th St is an extended trumpet.
St Johns Blvd Currently a traffic signal, will become SPUI.
NE 42 St/Falk Rd Currently traffic Signal, will become overcrossing
NE 54th St/Stapleton Rd Traffic Signal, will become Tight Diamond


WA 502 (Future):
This proposed expressway will run along the entire legnth of WA 502, from I-5 to WA 503.


WA 503:


Segment Type of Highway
WA 500 to Brush Prairie Expressway proposed
Brush Prairie Bypass Expressway - 4 lanes divided by an 8 foot painted traffic island
Brush Prairie to Battle Ground Expressway - 4 lanes divided by an 8 foot painted traffic island
Battle Ground to WA 503 No expressway planned


WA 507:
WA 507 is proposed to be upgraded to an expressway between WA 7 and Tenino. However, the expressway will probably be interrupted at Rainier, where a city street couplet will probably be constructed.


WA 516:


Segment Type of Highway
WA 509 to I-5 Expressway proposed
I-5 to WA 167 4-lane divided expressway
WA 167 to WA 515 Expressway proposed
WA 515 to WA 169 No expressway planned


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