WA 526:
WA 526 is a freeway for most of the distance between I-5 and WA 525, but becomes an expressway near the western end. The expressway section runs between the Boeing Tourist Center and Paine Field Blvd (aka SPUR WA 526).


WA 527:
SR 527 has one short expressway at the northern tip connecting SR 99 and local roads to the I-5 and SR 526 freeways. The expressway section is divided by an urban barrier. Speed limit 40.

Junction Log (Northbound):

Junction Type of Access
I-5 N off ramp, El Capitan Way Traffic light. A separate 2 lane  flyover carries I-5 N traffic to SR 526 W.
I-5 N on ramps Exit
SR 99/Broadway Ave Traffic light

END SR 527 EXPRESSWAY, BEGIN SR 526 FREEWAY, Speed limit 60.


WA 529:
Marine View Dr to Marysville junction list (from Broadway Ave northbound).

Junction Log:

Junction Type of Access
WA 529 south - Port of Everett/Naval Base - Marine View Dr Folded Diamond Interchange - Broadway Ave/WA 529 north is through route

Snohomish River Bridge

Smith Island Rd/Smith Island Traffic uses 'exits' at 28 Pl NE ..... no left turns. Through traffic crosses under WA 529 at Snohomish River Bridge
37 St NE Right turns only
I-5 north - Mount Vernon / Vancouver, BC 2Y interchange - north - LEFT LANE EXIT ONLY

WA 529 North - Marysville - RIGHT LANE ONLY

END EXPRESSWAY - End divided highway.


WA 532:

Junction Log - I-5 to Stanwood:


Junction Type of Access
I-5 Diamond Interchange
Old US 99 At-grade
12 Ave NW / Sunday lake Rd / Old WA 532 At-grade
28 Ave NW At-grade
36 Ave NW At-grade
64 Ave NW At-grade
72 Ave NW / Old WA 532 Traffic light
Pioneer Hwy (Old WA 530) Overpass - NO ACCESS
Marine Dr Overpass - NO ACCESS
88 Ave NW Traffic light



WA 539:
There have been plans for WA 539 to be widened to five lanes as far north as Ten Mile Road for some time, but now proposals describe an expressway continuing north through the rural areas. A study is also in place for a new I-5 access road to bypass Bellingham to be built either as an expressway or freeway. WA 539 would take over the new route.


WA 543:
WA 543, a short connector between I-5 and the Canada border, is a 2-lane expressway for its entire length. WA 543 is planned to become a 4 lane divided expressway for the entire length with a new signal at Boblet Rd and a new left side half interchange (south access only) at D St. The northern half would also have three northbound lanes to accommodate the British Columbia gateway.


WA 546:

WA 546 is proposed to be upgraded to a 4-lane expressway along its entire length. This upgrade is included in the 2003-2022 State Highway Plan.




WA 900:
SR 900 between Boeing Access Rd and 57th Ave S is a short expressway (about 1 1/2 miles long). The roadway is undivided with a 50 mph speed limit (the 50 mph speed limit starts at 80th Ave S in Renton, but this segment is not an expressway due to several driveways).

Junction Log (Northbound):

Junction Type of Access
57th Ave S At-grade
I-5 3/4 interchange (directional ramps) - access only from: I-5 N to SR 900 W, SR 900 W to I-5 N, SR 900 E to I-5 N & S, I-5 S to SR 900 E. I-5 S to SR 900 N uses Boeing Access Rd.

END EXPRESSWAY at Boeing Access Rd, Speed limit drops to 40.

WA 900 also has a short expressway in Issaquah between SE Newport Way and I-90. The expressway is on the finishing touches for being widened from 4 lanes to 6 lanes divided with paved medians and curbs. The newly-widened expressway will also have multiple left turn lanes at major intersections. Speed limit 40.

Junction Log (Westbound):

Junction Type of Access
I-90 5 ramp partial cloverleaf. Eastbound I-90 to WA 900 is a 5 lane off ramp!
NW Gilman Blvd Traffic Signal (dual left turn lanes)
NW Mall St At grade; no through traffic on Mall St, right turns only
NW Maple St Traffic signal (dual left turn lanes South 900 to east Maple)
SE Newport Way Traffic signal

6 lanes reduces to 4 and soon 2 (temporarily - WSDOT will widen WA 900 between SE Newport Way and SE 78 St to 5 lanes in the near term, but this highway will NOT be an expressway)



WA 970:
This highway serves along with WA 10 as a connector between US 97 and I-90 at Cle Elum. An eventual upgrade to expressway standards is proposed.


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