WA 9:


Segment Current Status Eventual Configuration
WA 522 to WA 524 2-lane Road. Widening project has commenced between WA 522 and WA 524 - Will include 4 lanes, divided by a raised median, and turn lanes at major intersections. Project will be complete in 2008.

There are future proposals to upgrade the existing roadway to limited access standards along with a new direct connection between WA 522 to/from the west.

WA 524 to WA 96 2-lane Road 4-5 lane Arterial
WA 96 to US 2 2-lane Expressway 4-lane Freeway
US 2 to WA 92 2-lane Expressway 4-lane Expressway
WA 92 to Arlington 2-lane Expressway 2-lane Expressway
Arlington to 2 miles south of Sedro Woolley 2-lane Road 2-lane Road
2 miles south of Sedro Woolley to Sedro Woolley 2-lane Expressway 2-lane Expressway
Sedro Woolley to the north end of the WA 542 multiplex at Nugents Corner 2-lane Road 2-lane Road
Nugents corner to the Canada border 2-lane Road 2-lane Expressway. This will be built because the current alignment is winding with several sharp turns. Construction on the segment through Sumas will begin in spring 2006 and be complete in summer 2007.


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Existing Junction Log - WA 96 to Arlington (Northbound):

Mile Marker Junction Type of Access
7 Lowell - Larimer Rd Traffic light
8 Airport Way / Marsh Rd Traffic light
9 2nd St. (Provides access to Snohomish) Diamond interchange
10 King St. Underpass - No Access
10.2 Old Highway 2 / Bickford Ave At-grade with right turns only (works as a folded diamond interchange)
10.7 56th St. SE Traffic light
11 US 2 East Ramps Traffic light at ramps
11.2 US 2 West Ramps / New Bunk Foss Road Traffic light
12 32nd St. SE At-grade
12.6 South Lake Stevens Rd At-grade
12.9 20th St. SE Traffic light
13.8 4th St. SE Traffic light
14 Chapel Hill Rd Traffic light
14 Going north, the speed limit drops to 40 and WA 9 becomes a 4-lane undivided expressway
14.3 WA 204 West - Everett, Frontier Village Traffic light
14.5 Vernon Rd 1/4 Diamond - southbound off-ramp ONLY
14.5 Going north, the speed limit becomes 55
15 Lundeen Parkway Traffic light
15.5 Soper Hill Rd Traffic light
16 WA 92 East - Granite Falls Traffic light
16.6 42nd St. NE At-grade
18 60th St. NE At-grade
18.2 WA 528 West - Marysville Traffic light
19 84th St. NE Traffic light
20 108th St. NE At-grade
21 132nd St. NE At-grade
22 156th St. NE At-grade
23 WA 531 West - Smokey Point / 172 St. NE Traffic light
25 204 St. NE Traffic light
25 The speed limit becomes 45
25.4 Highland Dr. At-grade
25.6 67th Ave NE / Lebanon St. Overpass - NO ACCESS
25.8 The speed limit becomes 40!
26 WA 530 West to I-5 Traffic light
26.2 WA 530 East At-grade
26.4 Schloman Rd At-grade

End expressway. Begin speed limit 50.


Future Junction Log - WA 96 to US 2:

This project is currently on the back burner as there is no funding and it is not a high priority. A four lane expressway and finished Bickford Ave interchange is still expected to be constructed in the nearer term future.

Junction Proposed Access Existing Access
Lowell-Larimer Rd / Old WA 96 Traffic light - Begin Freeway to the north Traffic light
Marsh Rd / Airport Way Folded diamond w / NB combined off ramp to Springhetti Rd Traffic light
WA 9 crosses the Snohomish River Bridge
2nd St. - Snohomish Diamond interchange Existing interchange
Old US 2 / Bickford Ave Folded diamond interchange At-grade with right turns only (works as a folded diamond interchange)
US 2 to I-5 - Everett 1/4 partial cloverleaf - ramps to / from N 9 to W 2 & E 2 to S 9 only Diamond interchange with US 2 as the through route
To US 2 east - 97 Ave SE Diamond interchange Access currently made by using the diamond interchange with US 2 as the through route
WA 9 continues north as an expressway



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