WI 13:
WI 13 is a Super-2 expressway on the Prentice Bypass.


US 14:
A study is underway to see if a US 14 expressway should be built between I-39/90 and I-43 at Darien.

Study Schedule:

Phase 1 - Needs Assessment (fall 2003 to spring 2004)
The Needs Assessment phase focuses on how the highway currently serves the people living and working in the area and how the highway is expected to operate in the future. Public meetings were held November 11 and November 13, 2003. The project team will gather data about a variety of issues, such as current and future traffic volumes, crash data, environmental constraints, and how the highway affects land use patterns and the general economics of the area.

Phase 2 - Develop alternatives (spring to fall, 2004)
A full range of improvement alternatives will be developed to meet the corridor's needs during the second phase.

Phase 3 - Evaluate alternatives (fall 2004 to spring 2005)
The third phase will involve evaluating the different alternatives, based on level of safety improvement, cost, right-of-way needs, environmental and local impacts, and other factors.

Phase 4 - Preparing the Environmental Impact Statement (spring to fall, 2005)
In the fourth phase, the project team will prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that compares the impacts of the alternatives including a "no build" option. The EIS will make a final recommendation of a preferred alternative.

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WI 23:
WI 23 is an expressway from WI 67 to WI 32. An extension to Fond du Lac is being planned.

History - Fond du Lac to Plymouth:

Date Activity
Fall 1999 WIS 23 enumerated for an upgrade to four lanes.
June 2001 Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) initiation meeting. WisDOT staff assigned to the project.
December 2001 First meeting with public officials is held to discuss the project.
January 2002 WisDOT and Regional Planning staff begin to collect information and make additional contacts with local officials regarding the corridor study.
February 2002 WisDOT/Local officials meetings are held to discuss the scope and schedule for the study.
March 2002 Two public information meetings to present and discuss corridor study are held at UW-Fond du Lac and the Greenbush Town Hall.
April 2002 First WIS 23 Advisory Committee meeting held to review alternatives developed by WisDOT.
June 2002 Second WIS 23 Advisory Committee to review refinements to the alternatives and to select alternatives for study.
July 2002 WisDOT and other state and federal agency staff meet to discuss alternatives under study.
September 2002 The first newsletter on the WIS 23 expansion study is released.
November 2002 Third WIS 23 Advisory Committee meeting is held to review and discuss alternative costs and impacts.
January 2003 The second newsletter on the WIS 23 expansion study is released
February 12, 2003, February 17, 2003 Public information meetings are held to present plan alternatives and assessment.
Winter 2004 The third newsletter on the WIS 23 expansion study released with information on the studied alternatives. The draft EIS is slated for completion and is released to the public for comment and review.
Spring 2004 Open hearing is held to record public comments on the draft EIS. The fourth WIS 23 Advisory Committee meeting is held to help select the preferred alternative.
Summer 2004 Public informational meeting is held to present recommended alternative.

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WI 26:
WI 26 is planned to be upgraded from I-39 / I-90 at Janesville north to WI 60. Already complete is the Super-2 Fort Atkinson Bypass.


Date Activity
Fall 1999 WIS 23 enumerated for an upgrade to four lanes.

Junction Log - Fort Atkinson Bypass (Incomplete):
There are only two at-grades on the Fort Atkinson Bypass, at Hoard Rd and Banker Rd.


  • Southern Preferred Alternative
  • Central Preferred Alternative
  • Northern Preferred Alternative


Craig Holl, Wisconsin DOT, Chris Bessert, Derron Kerr


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