WI 29:
WI 29 is an expressway from WI 40 to 40th St, from, from WI 27 to CR O west of Nausau, from CR Q east of Wausau to CR M west of Shawano, and from CR BE east of Bonduel to US 41. The rest of the route from I-94 to US 41 is a freeway, except through Chippewa Falls. There are a limited number of driveways on the expressway west of Abbotsford.

The expressway parts of this highway were built in the 1990ís, except for the 10 miles west of Green Bay, which were built in the late 1980ís.

Date Activity
1996 Angelica Bypass complete
1999 Abbotsford Bypass complete
July 1, 1999 Wittenberg Bypass complete



WI 36:
WI 36 is an expressway from Burlington to between College Ave and Grange Ave in Glendale. The expressway has a 55 mph speed limit with some 45 mph zones. There are also some traffic lights. North of the end of the expressway in Glendale, WI 36 is an urban arterial.


US 41:
US 41 is an expressway at the north end of the freeway, from the US 41 / US 141 split at Abrams to Oconto. An extension north to Peshtigo, including freeway-grade bypasses of Oconto and Peshtigo, is planned.

History - Oconto to Peshtigo:

Date Activity
1989 The roadway was identified as a backbone route in WisDOT's Corridors 2020 Plan, which meant the roadway received high priority status for improvement funding.
1992 Funding was allocated to begin a study of the US 41 corridor between Oconto and Peshtigo with the long-range purpose of improving the corridor. As a result, WisDOT began compiling an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to study improvement alternatives.
2003 The final version of the EIS is nearly complete and includes the selection of the preferred route alternative.
Early 2004 EIS scheduled for release to the public
2007 Construction scheduled to begin
2009 US 41 scheduled for completion

Map (Click here):


US 45:
US 45 is an expressway from Clintonville to west of Marion.  US 45 is also an expressway from US 41 at one mile north of US 41.

History - Clintonville to Marion:

Date Activity
1990 Completed

History - one mile north of US 41:

Date Activity
1990 Major Project Corridor candidate
1991 Project enumeration with construction scheduled for 1997. Concept builds 2.8 miles along existing highway (additional lanes) and 4.6 miles on relocation.
1993 Concept change: no additional lanes, reconstruct four lanes over entire route.
1995 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)/ Environmental Assessment presented for four-lane expressway.
May 1995 Public information meeting on corridor alternates.
September 1995 Public hearing on DEIS.
1997 Public information meeting - corridor selection meeting.
1997 Preliminary design begins.
1998 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) approved. Concept changed to freeway for most of the route, with expressway only for the first mile.
July 1998 First design public informational meeting.
December 1999 Second design public informational meeting.
January 2000 Final design begins.
Fall 2000 Real estate process begins.
October 31, 2003 Opened


Craig Holl, Wisconsin DOT, Chris Bessert, Derron Kerr


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